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7 Red Flags to Watch When Selecting a Technology Vendor

7 Red Flags to Watch When Selecting a Technology Vendor

There is no doubt about it, planners need technology for their events and, for the most part, technology companies are reliant on events for a portion of their revenue stream.

But it may come as a surprise to those who don’t plan events on a regular basis, that all technology companies are not alike. Some are hungrier than others, some have better follow-up systems and some…quite frankly…should be cut from consideration.

Here are seven data points you need to pay attention to when selecting a provider. Any one of them can be a warning sign, but if a vendor has all seven, cancel your contract and move onto a more stable technology rental company.

7 Red Flags to Watch

  1. They don’t respond to emails and calls in a timely basis.
    Everyone is busy and it is reasonable for there to be a lag between your email and the vendor’s response. However, if you feel a need to place another call or write an additional email, don’t do it. YOU are the customer. If they want your business, and want to keep it, timely responses will occur within one-two business days.

  2. They don’t listen.
    When planning an event, you may be calling several vendors with the primary question in mind, “Can you service my event on this date at this location?”

    If they don’t answer yes or no right away, but want to give you all the reasons you should do business with them, end the call ASAP. If they don’t know about availability when you call, ask when they will know and hold them to that date.

  3. They don’t list their products or expertise on the website.
    You may have received a recommendation from a colleague recommending a technology vendor but when you go to their website it doesn’t state that they specialize in event rentals, what products they carry or which areas they service.

  4. They can’t come to the site inspection.
    This is important and I would recommend you put it in your contract. The technology company needs to see the meeting room(s) first hand and identify any challenges they see.

    The AV tech can also ask questions you wouldn’t think of during the visit. This expertise alone can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in cost overruns.

  5. They don’t put everything in writing.
    It is important to have a document that spells out exactly what equipment you are renting, when the team will arrive, who will stay onsite and when they will strike the equipment.

    Go over it with the AV team when they arrive onsite to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  6. You won’t be there when they drop off and setup the equipment.
    If your meeting is small and they want to just drop off and set it up at their convenience, this spells trouble. The setup could occur hours before you and the speaker arrive and all you are left with is an 800 number to call if something goes wrong.

    Make sure the presenter and you are there during the walk through and if you are not paying for an onsite tech, obtain the business card and cell number of the one that dropped of the equipment.

  7. They are too rigid.
    Beware of a vendor that starts off your conversation with “you must have…” or “we never discount…” or “there will be penalties if….”. Your event is special to you and it is important to work with vendors that feel the same way.

    You want a partner that will bring their best game to the table including creativity and flexible terms.

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