7 Baby Boomers Who Are Digital Technology Innovators

Do you think baby boomers are irrelevant to today’s digital world? Think again!

Baby boomers helped build the technology infrastructure that led to the internet, smartphones, laptops, and gaming systems we have today. Here are seven baby boomers who are digital technology innovators!

1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates needs no introduction. The man behind MS-DOS and Windows has been an innovator for nearly four decades.

The founder of Microsoft is an accomplished businessman, but he’s also an extraordinary tech architect and manager. Gates was responsible for Microsoft’s product strategy from founding in 1975 until 2006.

2. Jeff Bezos

Born in 1964, Jeff Bezos competes with Bill Gates for the title of the richest man in the world. Bezos built his fortune by bridging the tech gap in retail business through Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the world.

In addition to online sales, Amazon has expanded to offer cloud computing and artificial intelligence services. Currently, it’s also the world’s top provider of AI assistance and cloud infrastructure.

3. Jack Ma

Born in 1964, Jack Ma is the billionaire inventor who created the Alibaba Group, the world’s most influential technology conglomerate. Jack Ma has met with numerous failures before establishing himself as one of the most powerful people in the world.

Alibaba specializes in internet, e-commerce, and tech applications. It is also one of the largest Internet and AI companies in the world.

4. Larry Ellison

A true visionary born in 1944, Larry Ellison is the executive chairman and chief technology officer of Oracle Corporation. Oracle is the third-largest software company in the world and a leader in database software and technology.

Ellison has been envisioning the future of computers since the early 80ies. Today, virtually every computer and smart device in the world runs some type of software by Oracle.

5. Bill Joy

Born in 1954, Bill Joy is an accomplished computer engineer and the co-founder of Sun Microsystems. Sun Microsystems was one of the world’s most influential tech companies that focused on computer components and IT services.

Sun Microsystems contributed to the evolution of computer technology through the Java programming language, the Network File System (NFS), SPARC, and several other innovations.

6. Steve Wozniak

Perhaps not as widely known as the other Steve (Steve Jobs), Wozniak is a co-founder of Apple and one of the people we have to thank for the modern computer. A pioneer of the microcomputer revolution of the 70s and 80, Wozniak was also the primary designer of one of the first highly successful mass-produced computers, the Apple II.

7. Steve Jobs

Finally, this list couldn’t be complete without mentioning the legendary co-founder of Apple. Steve Jobs was a pioneer of the personal revolution and a real tech visionary.  With the Mac OS, iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad, he shaped the landscape of digital technology as we know it today. Jobs passed away in 2011 at the age of 56.

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