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6 Ways to Fight Meeting Mediocrity

6 Ways to Fight Meeting Mediocrity

Are your meetings borderline okay, boring or even dreaded?

If they fall into any of the above categories, you are in the “meeting mediocrity” arena and need to snap out of it.

How do meetings become mediocre in the first place? According to Todd Henry, author of Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day, event organizers that are neither brave nor innovative, ultimately execute poorly run meetings. “You have to be brave to do great things,” he stated at this year’s ASAE Great Ideas Conference.

Here is my twist on his message as well suggestions on what you need to do to make your business meetings really matter.

6 Mistakes for Meeting Mediocrity

  1. No Goals.
    That old saying is so true, “If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know when you get there.” With no written or measureable outcomes, it is hard to tell if your meeting was a success or not. Set up targets about what you want to accomplish, write them down and communicate them out to the team. Setting goals gets everyone excited and moving toward that outcome.
  2. Living Inside Your Comfort Zone.
    Just because your meeting format worked for the last 10 years doesn’t mean it will work for the next 10.
    Henry states to get out of your comfort zone you need to be fiercely curious, ask a lot of questions and challenge yourself to produce an even better event. Take strategic risks because without risk there truly is no reward.
  3. Trying to be Too Many Things to Too Many People.
    When you market your event to anyone and set the agenda so general to meet everyone’s needs, your meeting becomes lackluster. Delivering a program that is too broad can alienate your core and even detract from potential attendees because they are confused about your message.

Stick to developing an agenda for your core audience and deliver valuable content to them.

  1. Being Too Rigid.
    Planners often get into trouble because they think their meeting needs to be on a certain day at a certain time at a certain venue. They offer the same sponsorship package and select the same presenters. They even use the same suppliers for event rentals.
    While I am all for working with things and people that work for your event, most of the time, you need to be flexible in order to continue to meet the needs of your core audience. It is easy to poll your audience with iPad rentals while they are at the conference or via an online app after they leave to determine what should stay and what needs to be eliminated.
  2. Not Willing to Act.
    This is probably the Achilles heel of most planners-the fear of making a mistake causes them to do nothing.
    For example, if you have been asked to look into cloud rental options for your meeting and you don’t know anything about cloud computing, now is the time to step up and learn about it. Once you are armed with the facts, you can go back to your shareholders with a clear understanding of how it works and how much it will cost. But ignoring the request cannot be an option.
  3. Surrounding Yourself with People who think Like You.
    Having people around you who think and act like you is not a good thing.
    Spirited discussions with different points of view create conflict which helps build better events. Surround yourself with people who can challenge your thinking.

Henry closed the Great Ideas Conference with these words, “Live your life by design, not default.” This is sage advice for all of us to follow as we create more engaging events.

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