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6 Technologies the NBA Uses to Expand Their Audience

6 Technologies the NBA Uses to Expand Their Audience

About a year ago, the National Basketball Association (NBA) embarked on a mobile-first digital strategy that would engage fans in new ways. The results are impressive – setting a new record for attendance while blowing away the global viewership of games.

Today’s post will explain the six initiatives the NBA implemented and how you might use them to engage your audience in new ways.

NBA Initiatives Using Technology

League Pass

This monthly subscription plan is available on nineteen platforms. It allows users to live stream the action from any device, anywhere Wi-Fi is available. Offered in English and Spanish, this option allows users to choose from one team or all the NBA teams.

This program generated more than 190 million live streamers in over 200 countries during the 2017 NBA finals.

League Pass VR

NBA League Pass games is available on the NextVR app. A NBA League Pass subscription or a single game purchase is required to watch.

AR (Augmented Reality)

This free app, uses an iPhone with ARKit. It offers unique AR experiences, starting with a pop-a-shot-type game. You can take your shots at an authentic NBA hoop as you compete against the clock or your friends. It can be personalized by adding your favorite NBA team’s logo to the court and colors.

Mobile View

NBA Mobile View allows users to get closer to the action with tighter, zoomed in camera angles for a better viewing experience. You must install the NBA app on your smartphone. To accommodate the views, the league installed additional cameras in each arena.


NBA InPlay is a real-time, mobile fantasy game that you can play during live games. Tune in, sync up, and boost your score. You choose a game and the players on your team. Then you win points based on the players you choose. Fantasy basketball at its finest.

2K League

This is a joint venture between the NBA and Take Two Interactive. It is a professional eSports league, featuring seventeen teams that feature players competing as unique characters in 5v5 gameplay.

Key Takeaways from NBA Strategy

They understand and embrace a mobile-first strategy.

If you are waiting to see where mobile is going, the wait is over. As you replace legacy systems, tablets are now a viable alternative. As more apps are introduced, they are likely to be written for smartphones and tablet first.

They aren’t afraid to blend fee and free offerings.

Everything you provide to your employees, prospects and clients should be based on value. Having blended offerings, allows users to pick and choose which technologies they want, at a price they can afford.

They are giving fans what they want.

Immersive experiences provide users a chance to watch or compete in more creative ways. If you don’t know much about VR, AR or eSports, rent Virtual Reality equipment for a day or set up eSports gaming rentals at your company, university or event for extended trial periods.

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