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6 Gaming Apps to Make Your Event Standout

6 Gaming Apps to Make Your Event Standout

Do you remember childhood games like tag, charades and bingo? Or board games like Monopoly and Chutes and Ladders? These games were fun, interactive and created a sense of rivalry. In addition, they had rules and you knew when the games began and ended.

Today, gaming is everywhere and on everything. While the old “tried and true” games listed above still exist, gaming apps on mobile devices are used more than any other app on an individual’s device according to Flurry, a mobile experience company.

Here are six gaming apps that are designed to help engage attendees at your next meeting or tradeshows.

6 Standout Gaming Apps

This app motivates the audience with points, badges and real-world rewards using Twitter, Yammer or SalesForce Chatter. The idea is that attendees use their iPad rentals to tweet and retweet photos and questions through Twitter, check-in at various locations and message other attendees or speakers to keep the conversation going – all while accumulating points along the way.

Participants with the most points can earn prizes and all activity can be displayed on video wall rentals.

SCANVenger Hunt
SCANVenger Hunt takes a typical scavenger hunt game to a new level. It is a platform that provides interactive foot traffic to trade shows and conferences using a QR reader, which once scanned from an attendee’s badge, will ask questions of that person so they can get their next clue and earn points to win a prize. It can also link results to your event website and show individual rankings on a large screen monitor rental unit for all to see.

The Go Game
Teams are formed to go on a scavenger hunt where they use their phones to score points, take on challenges, and have fun. At the end of the game, players gather for live judging led by a MC. Side-by-side comparison of each team’s creative photo and video submissions are displayed while everyone gathers around a touchscreen rental to vote on their favorite submissions.

Crack the Code
This game is a simple one: First, event planners need to determine the total number of points each attendee needs in order to win a prize. Second, attendees have to acquire specific exhibitor codes they enter into their mobile devices. The more exhibitor booths an attendee visits, the more codes they receive, which in turn helps them attain the goal. Third, once an attendee reaches the total points needed, they submit their contact information into a random drawing for a prize.

The best benefit of all? Exhibitors have an opportunity to really dialog with attendees – it gives them a reason to engage with each other.

Interactive Meeting Technology
This designer (who creates customized gaming apps) came up with a challenge bar app where attendees walk into the bar, pick up an iPad rental and start to answer simple trivia questions that are tied to the conference material. With a question randomizer, the group is not likely to have the same question on each iPad, which spurs conversation amongst each other. The leader board displays individual scores – but the best part is – the questions are reinforcing what attendees learned throughout the day.

This app is customized to each conference program.

Badgeville uses personalization features that can be tailored to every user. Reward your attendee for visiting an exhibitor, attending a networking event or going to a number of sessions at your conference. Badgeville’s Game Mechanics can put more emphasis on educational content and networking that matter most to your attendees. In addition to points, leaderboards and rewards, this system allows for real-time notifications and is cloud based for access across multiple platforms.

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