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6 Engaging Ways to Turn Attendees into Active Participants

6 Engaging Ways to Turn Attendees into Active Participants

Ever wondered how to get your attendees more engaged? It turns out there are some pretty simple ways to get them excited and attentive at every turn! Conference attendees will wonder what you are up to next — move outside of their networking comfort zone and end up with new connections in the process – all without much effort or fanfare. Discover 6 engaging ways to turn attendees into active participants at your next meeting or conference.

At The Opening Reception…

…Find Common Areas of Interest
Utilize a projector rental and display interesting questions on the screen, such as:

  • My favorite place to visit is…
  • I’d like to know more about….
  • My hobbies are….

Another idea is to post solo photographs of participants and ask attendees to discuss or caption it. Last week I posted on Facebook a photo of myself paddle boarding on the lake where my cottage is. I received so many comments and likes – people either said they tried and enjoyed it, or they wanted to try it. I was even at a business meeting today and one of the people at the meeting said “I didn’t know you paddle boarded – looks like a lot of fun!”

At The General Session…

…Engage With Technology
Ask participants a few key questions and have them answer them on their mobile devices via Twitter. An example might be to ask them “What do you want to learn at this meeting?” Give them a few minutes to answer and display the responses on a video wall rental for all to see. Video walls are natural gathering places for attendees as they can serve as real-time news stations about breaking news at your event.

During Breaks…

…Recharge Attendees and Their Devices
Breaks are used by attendees to go back to their hotel rooms or find electrical outlets in the hallways to recharge their mobile device. Rent USB Charging Stations. Meeting participants can plug in and network with others for the 10-15 minutes their devices are recharging. Utilize trained networking experts at each station that encourages business card exchanges and spur conversations that help attendees learn more about each other.

At Breakout Sessions…

…Seat Differently
Rather than have the typical classroom setting, remove the tables, stage and podium. Put all the chairs into a circle where the speaker or facilitator speaks from his or her seat. Understand that this setting doesn’t work for every breakout session; it is suitable for 30 people or less and in an area where the speaker does not need a microphone.

This style allows participants to see and engage with each other and the facilitator in “no barrier” zone, keeping everyone in the room on an even playing field.

At Breakout Sessions…

…Use Quicker PowerPoint Tools
Pecha Kucha is a methodology that limits presenters to 20 slides that automatically advance every 20 seconds. The total presentation time is 6 minutes and 20 seconds. Ignite advances slides every 15 seconds and speakers are limited to 5 minutes. The results? Presentations are very concise and on message.

Why not have two speakers that give alternative points of view on a subject your organization is challenged with? Have them create a “pro” and “con” presentation with one of the tools described above. Rent an iPad for every table and have participants discuss the salient points of each viewpoint and what they would recommend. They can review the slides on the iPad and also use a note taking app, like Evernote, to record and share ideas among all participants.

At Lunch…

…Move Around
Rather than hiring a luncheon speaker, have a systematic approach for attendees to move around the table with timed intervals so they have an opportunity to meet everyone at the table. Perhaps you have every other person move to their left and talk to the new person next to them for 5 minutes. Or you have them around to different tables.

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