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Six Valuable Decluttering Tips for Offices

Six Valuable Decluttering Tips for Offices

Summer is the perfect time to remove clutter in and around the office. Why? Because between employee vacations and client downtime, the work setting is usually very quiet.

This is your opportunity to provide staff with policies and tools to clean up their workspace. Let’s focus on the benefits of decluttering and the 6 things to do every day to keep your business looking its absolute best!

Why Declutter?

  • 83% of the workforce feels more productive and in control in a clutter-free environment
  • 80% of individuals state they never use the paper they file away in cabinets
  • 15-20% of a company’s annual budget can be lost due to an untidy environment (papers accidently thrown away, files misfiled, confidential documents stolen)

*Sources: Oka and the National Association of Professional Organizers

6 Valuable Tips to Stop Clutter

  1. Implement a clean desk policy.
    This means no files or paper will on the desk at the end of the day. All paper can be either be shredded, recycled or filed in a locked cabinet. Train employees on what is an acceptable “clean” and have repercussions/rewards for following this policy.
  2. Ask a simple question, “Does this item have a purpose in the workplace?”
    If it does not, make sure to take it home (personal effects), toss or shred it. Not sure if it is confidential? Error on the side of caution and shred it.
  3. Go through each desk drawer and put items of importance first for easy access.
  4. Consider using a scanner rental to scan important documents to the cloud.
  5. Rent shredders for several weeks in the beginning.
    Once you start the process, you will have several documents that need to be shredded for 6-8 weeks. Then, at some point, you may only need a shredder or shredders once or twice a month. Have a locked location that employees can leave documents between shredding.
  6. Once a month, delete all unused apps on your desktop, tablet and phone.
    Getting rid of unused apps, not only saves on storage and improves processor speed, but it avoids scrolling through unnecessary apps to get to the ones you use on a regular basis.

Hartford Technology Rental Helps Promote a More Productive Workforce

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