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6 Advancements Changing the Way People Work

6 Advancements Changing the Way People Work

The workplace is an ever-changing environment. Offices went from highly centralized to exclusively virtual and now are returning to the former. Employees want full BYOD rights to do their work and are interested more than ever, to use the full functionality of all technology.

But what does this really mean? According to a recent article in Forbes, Matt Cain from Gartner believes the technology driven solutions listed below will reign this year. However, as you will read, they cannot be pigeon-holed into neat buckets of hardware or software solutions. Rather, it is more about the way the user will consume the experience and use it to sell more products, train better employees or retrieve data faster.

Here is my take on which departments will use these advancements and how a typical company can prepare to take advantage of these workplace advancements.

6 Technology Advancements in the Workplace

For the Sales Team

Ambient Knowledge/Big Data

Where will it be used: Inbound Sales or Customer Care Departments
When a client calls to place an order or resolve an issue, your employee will know what to suggest as add-on products or services.

Who uses this now: Many organizations but Netflix, Amazon and Twitter are three that come to mind.

How to get it: While there are over 100 Big Data developers, typically programming must be written to create relational data sets based on what the customer currently has and what your team is trying to sell. IBM Watson is one product many enterprise clients are using today for this service.

Digital Sales Box

Where will it be used: Sales departments who make outside calls and exhibit in trade shows.

Who uses this now: Any size organization that stores their marketing collateral online and uses presentations, video, podcasts, infographics and blogs to create brand awareness.

How to get it: Most CRM systems have this level of sophistication integrated into their solution. Check out PC Magazine for their 2017 list of the best CRM solutions. However, all these solutions are cloud based, so if you are exhibiting at a trade show and are unsure of the Wi-Fi capabilities at the venue, invest in a hotspot rental.

Immersive Technologies

Where it will be used: Sales departments that need to immerse the user in the product experience through virtual or augmented reality.

Who uses this now: Companies who wish to show investors their prototype in action, sales staff that want to showcase their product, sales trainers that need to onboard remote employees.

How to get it: If you are unsure about the hardware, try out our Virtual Reality rentals. Once you have chosen a hardware platform, a developer must write code specific to your needs.

For All Employees

Personal Clouds

Where will it be used: In every department to reduce paper process and increase availability of data from any device.

How to use it: Employees can use free personal clouds such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Apple iCloud. However, these solutions can lead to security, compliance and compatibility concerns if you cannot access the data. If you are unsure what platform to start with, a dedicated cloud rental solution that offers both redundancy and security measures is a good step in the right direction.


Where it will be used: In organizations where boundaries need to be torn down and new ideas generated. Uses include: idea jams, hackathons and collaboration sessions.

How to use it: Idea jams and hackathons are events over specified periods of time where collaborative technology must be available to the users. While much of this effort will cost you time, you must invest in the right venue, equipment and food/beverage to keep the ideas flowing.

Micro Moments

Where it will be used: Rather than sitting down for long stretches to learn something new, learning will occur in small moments of time.

How to use it: Delivering the message through social media posts, short videos, text messages or gamification are all successful ways to pull your employees along. This is not exclusively for employees; it also it the way customers and prospects are digesting digital data.

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