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5 Ways Technology Can Lead to Happier Employees

5 Ways Technology Can Lead to Happier Employees

Many times we think of technology in the workplace as being cold, hard and impersonal. These tools are strictly there to help us do our job more efficiently. Period.

On the other hand, we think of employee engagement, interaction and appreciation as only happening through human contact. What if I told you it is possible to blend impersonal technology with human interaction to create a more efficient, collaborative and team building environment?

Here are 5 ways to embrace technological solutions that can lead to happier, more productive employees.

  1. Move your file cabinets into a document imaging system.

    By going paperless, your office is not only going green but you are allowing files and documents to be accessed with a click of a mouse. Sending, sharing and finding documents can become much easier and certain files can be password protected to ensure they don’t get into the wrong hands.

    How do you accomplish such a task? Start with scanner rentals and perhaps a server rental to segment and move over the documents digitally in an easy fashion.

  2. Invest in the Cloud.

    Cloud computing rental option offer a secure, dedicated system that allows employees to access information anywhere, at any time and serves as a great tool for collaboration. This option offers virtual employees access to the same information as those onsite as well as employees that travel working in different time zones.

    The wonderful thing about the cloud is you have a thread of comments and changes to each document. One additional benefit: By inviting employees to view and comment on certain documents, you are letting them know their opinion matters.

  3. Make 360-Degree Feedback Easy.

    What is this type of feedback and how can technology help? 360-degree feedback is the process where you, your superior, co-workers, direct reports and customers evaluate your work performance.

    Rather than waiting for that once a year performance evaluation, with the right talent management app you can have employees and customers alike access this tool on mobile devices or touch screen rentals positioned in secure, confidential locations throughout your company or at a special event.

    The major benefit? With ongoing feedback, employees can work on their development plan all year long and employers can encourage employees to develop their strengths and work on their weaknesses much earlier. In addition, with this type of on-demand feedback system, both parties will know relatively soon after the hiring process whether the company is a fit for them or not.

    And if you need one more reason to justify a technology approach, according to a survey of 6,000 HR professionals by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), only 2% of employers provide ongoing 360-degree feedback to their employees. These professionals state that with the right feedback tool, it could do wonders for the workforce.

  4. Say Thank You or Words of Encouragement to Someone Every Day.

    I recently ran across a cool, free mobile app that allows you to send a creative message to fellow workers, customers and prospects quickly and easily. It is called iAppreciate and it has everything from celebrating years of service to delivering encouraging thoughts to inspirational quotes. It runs on Apple rentals.

  5. Allow for Enterprise Apps On-the-Go.

    A Mobile Helix survey of 300 IT professionals estimated their organizations would experience a 40% boost in productivity if they could access enterprise apps via mobile devices. Allowing attendees to fill out expense reports, look up key customer data or resolve enterprise issues from a tablet can make employees more productive during those various wait times we all experience at the airport, the doctor’s office and even in the comfort of our own home.

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