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5 Training Methods that are Producing Real Results

5 Training Methods that are Producing Real Results

In terms of training, an instructor-led program is still the number one technique to deliver information about new products and services, changes in policies or rolling out internal productivity improvements.

However, with the help of technology, there are fresh ways to deliver classroom teachings and enforce the message. Below are the five methods that are trending up this year.

Five Approaches Making a Difference

1. Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

This collaborative method allows participants to connect, from anywhere in the world, into an online classroom where an  is facilitating a specific program. It lets peers interact, discuss and participate in a way that mimics a live training program. The key benefit for individuals and the trainer is they do not have to travel to deliver great content.

The results from a Training Magazine survey is impressive:

  1. 100% of the participants were highly satisfied with this experience
  2. 90% of the virtual learners passed the skill mastery test, which is one percent higher than traditional face-to-face learning
  3. 86% stated the VILT experience was more or just as engaging as a live classroom setting.

2. More hands-on follow-up.

Rather than having “one and done” instructions, managers have found ways to keep the message resonating with their employees. Every 30-, 60- and 90-days after the training, they reinforce it through:

  1. Standup morning meetings
  2. Deeper dive sessions
  3. Individual coaching
  4. Ride alongs with the sales or delivery teams

Using one or more the above techniques, managers have found an improvement in the integration of the training into their employees daily work patterns.

3. Use of curated content.

YouTube started it with the ability to search for videos to learn a new skill. Microsoft Virtual Academy, Lynda.com and other tools have picked up on this by allowing learners to garner new knowledge and become certified in courseware without ever stepping into a training center. Per research completed by Kaltura, 95% of business owners confirmed that video helps train their employees faster and better.

4. Implement microlearning.

Today’s employees want specialized information in three to five minute video clips. This is a great way to start or end a meeting by showing a video or collaborating about the best way to roll out a new product. Allowing users to come back to the content and pick up where they left off, is also useful. According to MarketsandMarkets, 70% of the workforce they surveyed prefer to train this way.  

5. Mixed Reality.

Already being used in educational institutions and teaching hospitals, this method overlays reality with an augmented one through the use of mixed reality headsets.

A good example is a medical class viewing a patient’s knee and through the use of MR headsets, seeing the x-ray overlaid on top of it. The students can see the knee from different angles, which can be useful in diagnosing the medical situation.

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