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5 Tough Questions Mgmt Will Ask About Technology

5 Tough Questions Mgmt Will Ask About Technology

Let’s face it; technology pretty much rules our worlds. We are lost if our smartphone isn’t within an arm’s reach and if, heaven forbid the internet crashes, we might as well go on an extended lunch break until it comes back up.

So, it should not come as a surprise that every couple of years, due to the changing landscape of technology options, new equipment needs to be added or old systems need to be changed out. As I have previously written, desktops are now being replaced with newer desktops instead of BYOD or tablet devices.

However, when you must take your hardware and software choices to management, what are they looking for from you before they sign off on new technology?

Here is your cheat sheet to be very prepared ahead of time for their searing line of questions.

5 Tough Questions You Need to Answer

  1. How much will this cost?

    Whether you want to hear it or not, leaders are primarily concerned about two things: increasing revenue and decreasing costs. Everything else, including technology, needs to support this premise. If you can show this new technology will actually save the company money (i.e. faster systems allow more transactions), your boss will sit up and listen.

    Be sure to include leasing and rental options when presenting cost, as these options do not impact the company’s capital expense budget.

  2. Can our department afford it?
    Hopefully, your department has a technology budget line item and has planned for these upgrades for quite some time. If your proposal is under budget, great! However, if you are over budget, you will need to show how you are going to trim expenses from other areas in order to keep your overall budget intact.
  3. Is it easy to use?

    Your leadership team is probably not tech savvy. If they are expected to be part of the upgrade plan, they want to be assured that the new system will require minimum training and disruption to their daily workflow.

    If you are unsure what applications are the easiest to use, I suggest you set up a learning lounge within your department. Rent several different types of technology for a week and have the users try them out for size. Let them vote anonymously which technology the like the best and which applications are easiest to use. Also, determine how much training it will take to bring everyone up to speed.

  4. How long will the employee and/or department be down?
    If you choose a desktop streaming rental option, the answer should be minimal or no time because the central server pushes all the software to the diskless desktops. However, if you are not choosing this option, you will need to take into account how many computers, software licenses and network upgrades are involved.
  5. Will this solution do the job for the next 18-36 months?
    You want to share that, to the best of your knowledge, this solution should last for the next 2-3 years. If your hardware, operating system and applications all need to be replaced or upgraded bring with you the latest speculation articles from TechCrunch, CIO and AppleInsider.

Hartford Technology Rental Can Help Answer These Questions

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