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5 Tips to Staying Relevant With Your Association Members

5 Tips to Staying Relevant With Your Association Members

Think about the associations you belong to: are they delivering on their promise? If your association is experiencing low meeting turnout and high member turnover, there may be no perceived value with membership or at least not enough to keep the member engaged.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Associations that are functional offer the following benefits:

  • Networking with professional colleagues
  • Breaking industry news and trends
  • Professional development
  • Volunteering opportunities on committees and
  • Advocacy for its members.

The problem is most associations rarely touch upon all of these items – especially with their annual conference. So with poorly attended meetings that don’t serve to further a member’s career or education, why should they bother going?  Uncover 5 tips to staying relevant with your association members.

Five Tips to Be Member Relevant

  • Deliver Compelling Content Exclusively Developed For Your Members.

    Think about those two adjectives: compelling and exclusively. The easiest way to do this is very simple – ask your members what they want to know and who they want to see. Then vet the speakers to ensure that their message will be tailored to your members. Don’t allow non-members into the meeting. Join or you will miss out on the best educational content available.

  • Turn the Lens Around.

    Most associations are selfie-centric. They deliver meetings based on what they care about or what they think their members care about. Create a conference that is entirely member-centric from the content to the city of your destination meeting location. Ask and they will think that you care; deliver on their input and they will know you do.

  • Make it Easy for Them to Say Yes.

    Membership is about meetings but it is more than that. Great content can also be delivered via webinars. Networking events can be local or at least regional and offered on a regular basis.

    Constantly ask yourself and your committee, “What would make me want to be a member of this association? How could I sell it to my boss?” If you find it hard to bring forth those benefits, think how hard it will be for the potential member.

  • Be Transparent.Let members know as much about your association as possible. For example, share with them a real-time attendee, exhibitor and sponsor list for your next conference. Answer all their questions, including financials, on a timely basis.

    This act of openness can set members mind at ease and show them you are being a good fiscal agent for the organization.

  • Show you are up-to-date by bringing technology into your event.

    Rent ipad to replace conference binders. Use monitor rental instead of posters. Provide an online survey to replace paper. All of these methods and more show members you are current and relevant.

    Worried about paying for it? Don’t be. There are two ways associations can justify technology: 1) doing a true assessment of the total cost of paper systems (printing, assembling, shipping to and from various locations, storing and adding updates/revisions) and 2) obtaining a series of sponsors for specific technology options.

    Once you and your attendees have converted to technology, you will never go back to paper…guaranteed.

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