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5 Steps to Sell Your Boss on the Benefits of the Cloud

5 Steps to Sell Your Boss on the Benefits of the Cloud

Whether you work in the Information Technology department or utilize this service on a daily basis, migrating over to the cloud should be on your radar for the reasons detailed below.

However, perhaps you have a boss that is resistant to this idea because it represents change and he or she is afraid of the unknown cost, stability and accessibility of this type of solution.

Here are the benefits of the cloud in five chunk-sized pieces that you can present to your boss and hopefully gain their agreement to implementing a cloud solution.

Cloud Benefits

  1. Streamlined process.
    Rather than waiting for IT to integrate, monitor or upgrade a system manually in order to complete your work, a cloud provider handles these processes as part of your fee. This equates to more uptime and accessibility for IT staff and employees.
  2. Strategic spend.
    A data center can be a complex world of network configurations, servers and storage units which require hardware equipment, software levels and staff to manage it. The cloud frees up most, if not all, of these needs and allows IT staff to focus on implementing new and relevant programs that will help the business grow.
  3. Access data anywhere at any time from any device.
    No matter the circumstances, whether you need to implement a business continuity plan or have a virtual salesforce that travels all the time, the ability to access important company data whenever you need it is integral to your company’s success.
  4. No worries about version levels or backup of data.
    Rather than emailing spreadsheets, presentations or documents to your team and receiving redundant comments or questions about what version is the right version, the cloud allows for one version that can be viewed, commented on and/or edited. In addition, the cloud has a backup trigger every few seconds, so there is no worry about losing keystrokes on important data.
  5. It’s scalable.
    If you are part of an IT department, you must constantly assess the needs of your data center. Have too much hardware and you have created unnecessary spending because the resource you leased or purchased is sitting idle. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough cycles to run the applications, new ones get backlogged or response time becomes slow. The cloud allows for complete scalability on a real-time basis and you only pay for the resources you need.

Boss Still Not Sold? Rent the Cloud!

By deploying Hartford Technology Rental’s cloud rental solution, you can pilot an application or two and only pay for the computing resources you require.

Give us a call at 888-520-5667 or contact us online to see how we can help leverage the value of cloud computing at your organization.