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5 Simple Guidelines that Create a Better C-Suite Retreat

5 Simple Guidelines that Create a Better C-Suite Retreat

Believe it or not, 2017 is just around the corner. This month and next, executive retreats will be in full swing. Even if this is something you plan every year, perhaps now is the time to reflect on ways you can make the retreat even better.

Below are five retreat guideposts originally published in Successful Meetings with my thoughts as both a successful entrepreneur and meeting planner.

5 Guidelines to Retreat Success

First, start with the CEO. Schedule a one-hour meeting with him or her and go over what their expectations are, what they wish to accomplish and how they will measure the success of the event. Go over any challenges and concerns they want to address. Immediately after the meeting, send them documentation of your notes and any follow-up items that need to be handled and who will be handling them.

Second, move the event off-site. Keeping a retreat in the office boardroom is like trying to conduct a meeting in Times Square. Both are noisy with loads of distractions. Look for a site that can easily accommodate the entire senior management team and is a comfortable distance from the airport, if employees are flying into for the meeting.

Third, determine what type of venue suits your corporate culture. Are you going to include fun, team building exercises into the conference? Will the family be coming along? Will part of the event occur outdoors? Answering these questions will help determine what type of venue will best serve the company’s needs.

Fourth, avoid serving alcohol until after the planning has occurred. It is okay to celebrate at the end of a successful retreat, but adding alcohol during the process is asking for trouble. Keep alcohol to select times (i.e. at dinner, reception), and avoid an open bar or hospitality suite as they can be costly, and do not directly contribute to the effectiveness of the conference.

Fifth, take a hard look at your technology rental needs. Perhaps you want to delve into Virtual Reality with the team to show them a new product concept, lighten things up with Pokémon Go or use a mind mapping app to connect all the ideas from your brainstorming session in one place. Really dig into the technology needs of the retreat and rent the appropriate equipment to ensure there are no issues at this highly visible event.

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