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5 Reasons to Rent a 360 Camera

5 Reasons to Rent a 360 Camera

Are you trying to stand out from the crowd at an event or trade show? Have you considered creating 360 videos or images for a unique perspective? If so, you should consider renting a 360 camera.

For one, this exciting, innovative technology offers a view that no other camera can capture. Not only does it capture total visibility, it offers other impressive features that make a 360 camera definitely something to consider for your next video shoot.

Let’s delve into why 360 cameras are so good!

1. Offer Better Visibility

What is a 360 camera? Put simply, it’s a camera that offers 360-degree visibility. By contrast, an iPhone camera offers just over 60 degrees of visibility. How does a 360 camera work? The camera captures footage from several angles, which is then stitched together. 

Once the video is stitched, the results showcase exceptional visibility. If you want to record an event or conference, a 360 degree video camera will capture the action, creating some interesting views that would otherwise be missed using a traditional camera.

2. Create VR Content

Do you want to make a video that viewers won’t ever forget, and showcase an event in the most true-to-life manner? Consider creating a virtual reality video using a 360 camera.

VR videos and images make the viewer feel like they are really there. Plus, you can rent VR headset to create a truly immersive experience. It’s an incredible feeling for participants.

3. Provide Incredible Ease of Use

These cameras couldn’t be simpler to use. They come packed with image stabilization technology, so you don’t need a tripod. 

Tired of having to try and frame shots? The 360 camera frames everything for you. Capturing cool footage, wherever it’s happening, couldn’t be easier.

If you do want to frame a certain shot, you can! The video can be edited in post just like any other, letting you extract impressive shots with ease.

4. Capture Drone-like Visibility

Want to use a drone to capture footage, but it’s illegal in your area? Then mount your 360 camera to a selfie stick

By putting your camera on a selfie stick, you get complete visibility from above. Sure, it won’t reach as high as a drone, but using a 10-foot selfie stick offers a practical (and inexpensive) alternative.

5. Ease into the World of 360 Videos

Is your business or event planning company ready to start shooting incredible 360 videos but wants an affordable solution? Then, renting a 360 camera makes sense!

The flexibility of renting allows you to create VR videos, film events from every angle, and capture drone-like images; all without committing to a big spend. 

If you need help stitching together your videos, we can help with that too. Got any questions or inquiries for us? Then get in touch, and we’ll help you make the video of your dreams!