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5 Key Questions to Ask When Renting a 360 Camera

5 Key Questions to Ask When Renting a 360 Camera

Your company has decided to use a 360 degree camera rental to show off its brand-new location and to feature a video clip of its working environment to the world. But with all the different cameras available on the market today, which one will meet your needs?

Below are several questions to consider before signing on the dotted line of a rental agreement for a 360 camera to ensure you have chosen the right technology for the project.

Before Renting 360 Equipment, Answer These Questions

  1. Are you going to share this video on social channels? Which ones?
    Some social channels fully support the 360 experience (i.e. Facebook, YouTube) while others do not at this time (i.e. Instagram). It is important to know which channels your organization is planning to post to before renting the equipment so you are not disappointed after the fact.
  2. Are you planning on using VR gear?
    If all you need is 2D, a user can drag the picture around the window within an app or on a computer screen. However, Virtual Reality rentals allow for a more immersive 3D experience. In order to provide a true VR experience, interfaces and controls need to be added once the video is shot and edited. The main reason to use VR equipment is to make the user feel like they are actually on location with you.
  3. Do you want an action, Point of View (POV) or mounted camera?
    An action camera such as a GoPro Omni is lightweight and compact; a POV camera (or action cam) is attached to the videographer’s hat or helmet; and a mounted camera will be the most professional of the three, providing video that is still.

    The action and POV cameras can capture about 30 minutes of video and some offer livestreaming to YouTube and Facebook. The mounted camera generally delivers better quality and has microphones to create spatial audio, providing an automatic sync between audio and video.

  4. Who will do the editing?
    Generally speaking, your video cannot go from the camera to an upload. Someone needs to edit the video and stitch it together (a process of syncing the images from the various cameras). Some 360 cameras have easy to use editing functions, while others do not. You will have to assess whether you have the resources internally to do the editing or you need to outsource this task. If it is the latter, determine the turnaround time and cost from the vendor beforehand so your boss isn’t surprised when you submit the contractor’s invoice.
  5. Ask about the following with each of the equipment:
    1. What is the color fidelity?
    2. What is the video quality – HD or UHD?
    3. How many lenses does the camera have?
    4. What is the size of the camera?
    5. How easy is it to edit and upload?

All of these answers are key to narrowing down your choices and selecting the best camera for the job.

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