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5 Engagement Technologies Every Event Needs

5 Engagement Technologies Every Event Needs

It shouldn’t be surprising that event participants that are engaged show up earlier, explore further and interact more with others than those not engaged. From a supplier’s perspective, these engaged attendees consume more food, beverages and buy more items.

As an event planner, how can you take advantage of these motivated participants for your event? Today, let’s focus on five engagement technologies every event needs and what you need to use them successfully.

Must Have Engagement Technologies for Events


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wristbands are well liked by most attendees because they streamline bottlenecked processes. Imagine a meeting where participants didn’t have to bring anything to the conference. Your event check-in, tracking of continuing education, and food and drink payments, are all handled through the band. Pretty slick, right?

One thing to consider is that RFID has minimal encryption. That means the information on it may be stolen. To avoid this problem, I recommend participants take them off when they are no longer within the confines of the conference or trade show.

What you need: RFID bands, reader, server rental and software.


Thanks to stories, live video is watched three times longer than any other social postings, including evergreen YouTube videos. The nice thing about these medium, remote users who watch live video of an event are 67% more likely to attend that event the following year or one just like it.

What you need: Smartphone or tablet rentals, live streaming app and robust Wi-Fi.


Powered by Bluetooth® technology, these networks enable indoor positioning and location-based services. They are small devices that can be placed under tables, behind signs and on walls. They can be programed to deliver pop-up content when an attendee is near a trade show booth, deliver specific sponsor messages and provide alerts to an attendee’s mobile device when they are within a set distance of the beacon.

What you need: Smartphone, Bluetooth beacons, customized program to drive push notifications, Robust Wi-Fi (perhaps hotspot rentals).

All-in-One App

Attendees and event planners want pre-event registration through comprehensive in-event engagement strategies and social media amplification.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a low to medium cost provider that does it all…yet. Some are coming close like Thurzi and CrowdCompass. Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming year.

What you need: Nothing, except time for a proven platform to be introduced.


Attendees form teams, move up levels and collect prizes. They earn points for attending sessions, visiting booths and connecting with sponsors. It’s estimated that attendees are two to three times more engaged in a conference when there are games involved.

What you need: Smartphones, iPads rentals, gamification app, great prizes (i.e. iPad or Alexa)

Hartford Technology Rental Offers Event Engagement Solutions

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