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5 Considerations When Setting Up Temporary Office Space

5 Considerations When Setting Up Temporary Office Space

Whatever the reason – you need extra employees for a short period of time or you are remodeling or expanding your business – setting up temporary office space can be the perfect solution to your problem. However, that being said, it isn’t a slam dunk proposition. It does require proper planning to avoid any unnecessary budget problems and missteps down the road.

Today’s blog post will focus on the five things to consider when setting up temporary office space so your move can be as smooth as possible.

5 Temporary Office Space Considerations


First and foremost, determine how much space you need to run the office. About Money states for temporary office workers in an open space, you will need about 100 square feet per person. But what if you need cubicles or have to store files in that space? That will require more square footage.

In addition, determine if your building has a board room and full kitchen. Having a place where sensitive meetings can take place and employees can prepare and eat their lunch away from the office setting should be in your selection criteria.


Do you need to install a landline system into your space? Depending on how long you will be there, this may be the best option if your staff is making a lot of outbound calls and looking for a common number for calls to be returned. It validates your organization as a true business to your clients and prospects.

Reception Services

Will you need someone to greet guests, answer phones and handle your mail or faxes? If you need someone on premise, ask your venue contact about concierge reception services. This service can be really helpful in a sales arena – especially if reps are in and out of the office and want to invite individuals into the building for meetings.

If your clients are from all over the world, you may wish to look into virtual receptionists who can answer your phone 24/7.


When considering workplace technology rentals, you need to assess what equipment your company and employees have and what they need. Do they have or need the following equipment:

Please remember when you add copiers and/or shredders, these items take up some of your space – so be sure to add them into your configuration.

Wi-Fi Access

Is the building wired for Wi-Fi and if so, what are the access points and speed? You may be surprised to learn that not all buildings are wired for Wi-Fi and if they are, sometimes the bandwidth just isn’t enough.

Determine how often you will be using Wi-Fi and whether or not the infrastructure in the space is good enough. There are mobile apps to measure Wi-Fi speed and while they are not 100% accurate, they can give you a reasonable measurement.

A wireless hotspot rental may serve your Internet access needs.

Weigh all your choices carefully and determine the best choice for your business from a budget, speed and security basis.

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