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4 Ways Your Business Can Support Veteran-Owned Company

4 Ways Your Business Can Support Veteran-Owned Company

Sunday is Veteran’s Day. The one day a year we take a moment to thank those who have served our country, in times of war and peace. If you are looking for new opportunities to honor vets, why not start a policy to do business with or promote these organizations? Here are interesting stats surrounding these establishments and four ways you can honor them all year long.

Veteran-Owned Company Stats

Did you know:

  • Veteran-owned businesses contribute more than $1 trillion in revenue to the U.S. economy?
  • There are 2.5 million veteran-owned businesses in the United States?
  • 25% of transitioning service members want to start their own business?
  • Veterans enter entrepreneurship at a 45% higher rate than non-vets and succeed at a higher rate as well?
  • 15% of FORTUNE® 1000 companies set goals to include veteran-owned businesses as part of their supplier diversity programs?

With this is mind, here are several concreate ideas to validate and appreciate these businesses.

Four Ways to Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

  1. Complete a veteran-owned business search for your locality.
    Two good sources worth exploring are:

    1. Buy Veteran, a member-based, national search directory
    2. Google which makes it easy for the searcher to identify veteran-led organizations
  2. Become an influencer.
    Share veteran-owned business profiles with your professional social channels. If you recently purchased, rented or leased a product or service from this company type, consider doing one or more of the following on social using the #buyveteran hashtag:

    1. Share a post about your experience
    2. Take a photo or video of the products or services while in use
    3. Write a review
    4. Encourage your followers to follow this company
  3. If you are a business owner, create a referral network for vet-owned organizations.   
    Provide incentives for your clients to do business with these firms, such as giving them a discount on your products or giving a complimentary offering when they follow through. This will be most appreciated by those vet-centric organizations that are just getting started.  In addition, inform the Veteran Owned Small Businesses about the Grow with Google resources that are specifically dedicated to improving their online presence.
  4. Invite the owner to speak or attend a local networking event.
    If you are a member of a chamber of commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis or other community organization, invite the owner to speak about their business. If they decline to do so, encourage them to come and network with others where you can tout about their service to country.

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