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4 Types of Server Hardware for Business

4 Types of Server Hardware for Business

When you want to take your business to the next level, it’s important that you focus on ownership and independence. Having your own server lets you accomplish this. 

Building your own server powers your company communication, so that you can supercharge everything from virtual meetings and video streaming, to general web use. 

To set up your server, you’ll need the expertise of some IT professionals, along with quality hardware. To help you with the process, learn more about the types of server hardware you’ll need and when to use each option.

1. Quality Hard Drives

First things first, your server needs to be able to store an incredible amount of data. All of this data must be stored somewhere, so it starts with finding the right hard drives. 

You’ll need to learn the differences between SSD, SATA and SAS hard drives. There are many quality hard drives you can buy that can easily be used for your custom built server, no matter its size. 

When you’re researching for new server hard drives, be sure that you focus on reliability. Look into specifications like the annualized failure rate, and make sure that the manufacturer of the hard drive offers 24-hour customer support. 

Check out the reviews of these hard drives to know that you are getting a great deal on a piece of hardware that will serve you. 

2. Chassis and Motherboard

If you have ever been inside of a server room, the first thing you’ve probably noticed is huge metal racks lined with blinking hardware. 

The chassis is the metal structure that holds everything up. You’ll need to obtain some that are durable and easy to maneuver so you can set up your server on your terms. 

Finding great motherboards are important because they create circuits and route connectivity that allows your server to run. 

3. Specific Hardware for Server Types

You need to be aware of the different network server examples to acquire hardware that suits them. 

For instance, some types of servers include blade servers, rack servers, and tower servers. Knowing which type of server you’d like to build will dictate the materials you’ll need to make it happen. 

Get hardware that specifically serves the server type that is most useful for your company. This way, you can count on it to work more efficiently. 

4. Quality Wires and Cables

The devil is in the detail when building a server. It truly depends on having the highest quality wires and cables, and keeping them as organized as possible. 

Make sure that all cables are thickly coated, durable, and heavy duty. They should also be easily installed and flexible enough to arrange them however you need. You’ll need to work with your IT contractor to organize the cables in a way that is clean and safe. 

Need Help with Server Hardware?

Of course, if you decide to acquire and set up a server internally, it pays to do your research. Knowing the types of server hardware you need is an essential first step.

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