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4 Reasons for NOT Using Public Charging Stations

4 Reasons for NOT Using Public Charging Stations

Smartphones are so important to our daily existence many business professionals plug their phones into any outlet or charging station in order to bring their battery back to life. It may be plugging into the back of a meeting room, at a coffee house or hooking into a public charging station. While the first two options provide some risk (your phone may be stepped on or stolen), the last option opens you up to a hacking situation called “juice jacking”.

What is juice jacking and how can you prevent it? According to Fossbytes, juice jacking is one of the most underrated security threats around. It can be used by a hacker to take total control of a smartphone and inject malicious code. The attacker compromises the USB charging port and when the phone pairs with the public charging station computer, the hacker captures all the phone’s data, installs malware and renders the phone useless.

The best way to prevent this risk is to use a private charging station rental unit that may be in a trade show booth or secure location within your company. Today’s blog post will focus on the benefits of renting a secure cell phone charging kiosk.

Secure Cell Phone Charging Kiosk Benefits

There are many benefits to renting the right charging station. Here are the top four reasons our customers love them:

  1. Drive traffic to exhibitors’ booths.
    It is late in the day and many attendee’s cell phones are limping along. Attendees now must make a choice: either let their phone die, plug the phone into an open outlet and stand by it, or lock it in a private charging station kiosk. The last choice is the safest and most secure. While attendees are there to drop off and pick up their phone, exhibitors can use that time to sell their products and services.
  2. Build brand awareness.
    At the top of each charging station, there is the option to:

    1. Add a company or brand logo
    2. Display a company or event theme
    3. Provide rolling videos of products or services
    4. Deliver a short survey
    5. Gather lead information

This may keep the attendee at a booth longer and help with retention as they walk the trade show floor while their phones are charging.

  1. Provide users with a secure option.
    Each user accesses a chamber and can lock their phone up for 30 minutes. When the user returns, their cell phone will be fully charged and they will have the peace of mind that their phone has not been hacked!

    If the user is still hesitant to use the secure cell phone charging station, remind them to power off their phone and/or lock up their phone with a security code, which will provide them with additional protection against hackers.

  2. Variety of options for different needs.
    There are three styles of charging stations available to rent:

    1. Tabletop stand when space is limited
    2. Wall mounted unit that can be securely mounted to any wall and customized with a logo or
    3. Floor stand that can include all the features listed above under brand awareness

Whatever the space requirements are, there is a charging station to fit your needs. Plus, adding a charging station will be one of the best investments your company can make to attract attendees to your exhibit booth or to keep your own corporate phone inventory secure and ready to go when they need to be deployed.

Hartford Technology Rental Has Smartphone Charging Stations

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