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4 Real World Examples of Business Uses for iPad

4 Real World Examples of Business Uses for iPad

Ever wonder how you might use iPads in your business, even when you are in an all Microsoft world? Here are four great real world examples that should get you thinking in a new way about the possibilities of using iPads in your business.

Company or Franchise Retail Establishments

If your company has a series of brick and mortar locations and you want to get a message out to employees at the same time, an iPad rental can be your perfect tool and solution.

They can:

  • Play a series of videos, including one from your CEO
  • Provide Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)
  • Allow for real-time questions for all to see
  • Collect feedback
  • Test employees on new concepts

Most recently, Starbuck’s sent two or more iPads to each store to complete their racial bias training finding the use of this intuitive technology to be widely accepted among their employees.

Businesses that Have Receptionists

Rather than hiring a person or having a list of extensions for visitors to call, why not have an iPad kiosk rental that can do all the work? Here are some of the functions and features of such a system:

  • Visitor sign-in system that allows a message to be sent to the person they are visiting, take their picture, capture their name and print a badge. When they leave, they can also be prompted to sign-out.
  • System that won’t let them through the interior door until they watched a safety video or signed a NDA, if that’s applicable for their visit or your company.
  • Tracks which visitors are in the building and where they are in the event of an evacuation.
  • Allows delivery trucks to sign-in and let the recipient know their package has arrived.

Warehouse Management

Scan guns have often been used to collect and input the data into the inventory control system. However, there is a better way with iPads. Here’s why:

  • With bigger displays and higher resolution, the text is much easier to read.
  • There’s much faster performance because iPads adhere to the latest Wi-Fi standards which can lead to better productivity because the user can access the data faster.
  • Most apps are cloud based. This means you automatically have a backup to your data and it’s available on multiple platforms.
  • There are more than 50 apps available on this platform. A RF gun has a limited set of apps and they may or may not be cloud based.

Summer Camps or Schools

Using an attendance app can:

  • Time stamped records that indicate when each child is signed in and out of the facility. For summer camp programs, this can sync with the billing program to automatically add late fees onto each statement. For schools, it allows for tracking of students that are signed out due to excused absences or sickness.
  • Detailed student information. This includes their schedule, special needs, emergency contacts and approved pick-up persons. This can be easily changed for those authorized to do so. In addition, this happens on a real-time basis.
  • Automatic synching to parents, staff and administration changes of each child’s record, to give them the most up-to-date information.

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