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4 PowerPoint Alternatives to Consider

4 PowerPoint Alternatives to Consider

While PowerPoint may be the all-time favorite presentation program among your workforce, every once in awhile it is good to examine other choices and see if they are a better fit. Today I am going to share with you four alternatives: Keynote, Paper & Paste, Figma and Google Slides. Armed with this information, you decide if a switch is in your company’s future.

4 PowerPoint Alternatives


This app makes it easy to create stunning presentations with real-time collaboration. Your team can work together on a Mac, iPad, iPhone or PC using the iCloud. With Keynote Live, you can invite many people in different places to watch your presentation in real time on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or the web. No projector required.

If your collaborative and presentation base is made up primarily of Apple users, this is a good product fit for your company.

Paper & Paste

If your organization uses Apple products and Slack as a communication vehicle, Paper & Paste by FiftyThree is a good presentation platform. Paper is a digital whiteboard and allows for a visual free-form method of communication while Paste allows users to view the presentations. With both apps, you can add text, pull in images and reorder slides.

This free app works well in a virtual, mobile workforce environment that is Apple-centric and uses Slack regularly.


This desktop app allows for real time collaboration in a Windows, Mac and Linux environment. It integrates with both Slack and Framer and offers a presentation mode where local and remote users can view the same presentation at the same time.

Depending on your need, this app can be free or $12 per month.

Google Slides

Google Slides is an online, cloud-based presentation editor in the Google Drive productivity suite. You can create and edit presentations, as well as, conduct real time collaboration between editors and share the presentations with a client, prospect or team member. Google Slides can be converted to different formats (i.e. PowerPoint, PDF).

This is a free app and a viable alternative for team members who do not have or use PowerPoint on a regular basis. However, the user will need to create a Google+ account to create or collaborate on any presentation.

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