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4 Key Questions to Ask Your Technical Support Team

4 Key Questions to Ask Your Technical Support Team

Whether you are an enterprise organization or a small start-up company, having the right technical support for your hardware implementation can make all the difference in the world. While most companies assume support is part of the rental or lease contract, this may or may not always be the case. And having the right level of support can make a difference as well. It can mean resolution in mere minutes instead of hours or days.

Below are four key questions to ask your computer rental company about their technical support before signing the agreement on the dotted line.

Key Technical Support Questions to Ask

What days and hours is support available and what is the average time to resolve issues?

Ideally, you want telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. But more than just that – you want to speak to someone that can resolve your issue in a timely manner – whether it is a laptop rental that has frozen or a copier machine rental that is producing a diagnostic code you can’t decipher.

Who is answering the phone and what is their experience level?

United States based, experienced and certified personnel are the best option to troubleshoot the problem and save you valuable time because they are going to ask excellent questions to get to the root of your problem.

What preventative maintenance should I ask about?

Ideally, your rental company has completed the following tasks before the rental units arrive at your organization:

  • Up-to-date virus and spyware support
  • Device setup with the apps you need to access
  • Optimized system for maximum speed and performance

What does a typical setup look like?

It is one thing for you to engage with a rental company that delivers and picks up the technology. But perhaps your organization needs more. Find out if the supplier can connect the devices to your Wi-Fi network as well as syncing other devices such as your printer rental and smartphone to it.

The Right Support Options are Available at Hartford Technology Rental

Do you need the technology support listed above and maybe something more? Hartford Technology Rental, a U.S. based company, has expert technicians available to answer your calls day or night! Call 888-520-5667 for more information.