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4 Ideas Using Technology to Benefit Your Event

4 Ideas Using Technology to Benefit Your Event

Are you still struggling with creative ways to use technology? Wondering if it is worth the money? Take a page from the innovators highlighted below. Show your management the fun and interesting ways technology can be weaved into any event.

Discover 4 ideas on how to use technology to benefit your event based on the success of these innovative, trendsetting organizations.

Event Technology Ideas based on these Six Trendsetters

  • AKC National Championship
    The event organizer assembled a team of 70 people with seven camera rentals to cover the show. These cameras were equipped with live streaming that was broadcasted on FidoTV. This type of coverage brought in over 6 million remote viewers, up almost 4 million from previous years.
  • Realtors Conference and Expo

    They featured 30 attendees who used social media to post conference updates and images on a continuous basis and gave them the tools (iPad rentals and social apps fully loaded) to do so.

    What can you learn from this? By giving attendees tech tools to share the conference with the world, you are opening all the different voices and angles of it to the viewing public. Something you may take for granted or understate, may be of great importance to your attendees and you didn’t even know it until you gave them the capacity to tell the world about it.

  • Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting

    Rather than having presenters use wireless clickers to advance PowerPoint slides, they used gesture recognition technology. They felt greater attention was given to the presenter versus the slides by adding this change.

    What can you learn from this? When working with your speakers on their PowerPoint presentations, ensure you are using the latest and greatest technology to help them be successful. Such things as a lavaliere microphone, no podium and this technology can help knock down barriers between the presenter and audience.

  • MozCon

    At last year’s event, they allowed attendees to play old-fashioned arcade games while waiting in the registration line or for sessions to start.

    What you can learn from this? Games seem to be of great interest to attendees, regardless of their age. The key is to find the right gamification tool that will work well with your attendees. How will you know? Survey them and ask what their favorite games are and go from there!

  • CompTIA Virtual Reality Experience Tours
    This 5-city nationwide tour purpose was to educate teachers, students and the public about virtual reality and the career opportunities it will present. They let attendees test different Virtual Reality rentals to personally understand how this technology works.
  • TechCrunch Disrupt

    They dedicated a portion of their conference to AI, VR and AR on a special showcase stage where attendees could try out and learn more about the various vendor solutions.

    What can you learn from this? If you haven’t tried VR at your event, now is the time to do so. You can encourage exhibitors to use it at their booths or create a VR testing location with one or two stations where attendees can try during their free time. VR and Augmented Reality hardware and apps such as Pokémon Go, as well as, Digital Assistants are not going away, but rather are just the tip of the iceberg of what you will see this year.

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