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4 Cool Technology Tools Coming to an Event Near You

4 Cool Technology Tools Coming to an Event Near You

A full-service multi-channel marketing company based in the UK, Logistik Group, recently wrote a blog citing the latest technology trends that can change brands, communication techniques and meetings.

Below is a synopsis of the article along with more information about each vendor and its applicability to the event industry.

Texturized Tablets

Whether you rent iPads or allow attendees to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), one thing is for certain, attendees really have gravitated to touch screen devices.

Fujitsu has taken touch one step further by developing a prototype tablet with a touchscreen that conveys a sense of slipperiness or roughness depending on the image being displayed. This new haptic sensory technology uses ultrasonic vibrations to convey tactile sensations by varying the friction between the touchscreen display and the user’s finger.

Event Applicability

Imagine a product launch event, where you can actually feel the new product on your tablet. Or a trade show, where you can feel all the booth participants’ products with the wave of a finger and then drill down to the vendors you want to see.

Mobile Charging Lockers

Germain Verbrackel designed a C-Station that keeps your smartphone or tablet in a closed and protected environment. The key which protects your device from theft also works as a reminder. When the phone is charged, the key turns green and the user can take his phone back.

Event Applicability

Meetings, conferences and trade shows are full of attendees who are constantly using their mobile devices. This station offers them a great way to attend a break out session without the worry that their device will be stolen.

Twitter Powered Pinterest Walls

Logistik Group developed a Pinterest wall powered by tweets for a Microsoft event. They created a wall that pulled in tweets with an assigned hashtag, which were then projected onto a video wall.

Event Applicability

Renting a Video Wall that has pins, tweets and other social chatter is an excellent way to stay connected to your attendees and for them to stay connected with each other.

No matter what social channel it is, attendees want to see a collage of comments, photos and short videos about the conference. This is especially appealing to the Millennial generation.

Chromecast User Apps

Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Set it up with a simple mobile app, it streams online shows, movies, and music to a monitor using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Photowall for Chromecast is an easy way to document an event with friends as it’s happening by making a photo gallery together.

CastPad is the first and easiest way to draw on Chromecast. CastPad lets users draw on their phone and see it show up live-as-you-draw on your TV and all other devices connected to the same Chromecast.

Event Applicability

If you rent iPads, your attendees can take photos from their iPad or smartphone and contribute to a real-time photo gallery as the event is unfolding.

CastPad can allow attendees to draw on their mobile device and have their notes show up on the large monitor.

Either way, this is a great use of Second Screen Technology by providing the power to contribute in the hands of the attendee.

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