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3D Printers Changing the Way We Think & Create

3D Printers Changing the Way We Think & Create

Imagine this: You access a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, create some gizmo, store your file on the cloud and make it accessible to anyone with a 3D printer. Seems farfetched right? Not really.

3D printers, for the first time ever, are allowing individuals to customize and print products in the comfort of their own office. While this technology comes with tremendous benefits there are few drawbacks that you should be aware of before renting, leasing or purchasing this technology.

3D Printing on the whole offers you terrific options – whether you are a company engineer trying to show off your latest gadget or a college professor in front of a peer review or a trade show exhibitor providing attendees an on-demand, personalized version of a new product.

3D Printer’s Potential Drawbacks

As depicted in a recent episode of The Good Wife, 3D printers can print almost anything, without regulation, including a gun. In that episode, a person downloaded and customized the file, printed the gun and took it to a firing range where it misfired and hurt someone.

The episode showed all the things that may be of valid concern in the future including:

  • Open source code and files that are available to anyone to customize as they please
  • How weather can impact materials as they print and
  • Who is responsible if anything happens to an individual if something goes wrong

These are all valid concerns, and I believe will be addressed in good time as 3D printers become more the norm.

Business Benefits of 3D Printing

If you are still questioning what 3D printing is and its benefits, you are not alone. While it is something so cool and revolutionary without seeing it in action, it is hard to describe.

But with the entry of some major players, including HP with its Multi Jet Fusion printer, you will start to see faster, better printing with less waste and ultimately at a lower cost.

Here are some of the benefits of this type of printing:

  • Large companies will have the ability to print several prototypes at a fraction of the cost of previous methods.
  • Small companies will be able to manufacture a limited number of customized products very inexpensively.
  • Start-Ups will be able to print and show off their product idea for investors.
  • Peer reviews will become dimensional.In addition to reviewing PowerPoint slides and white papers, reviewers can now see the concept or product they are reviewing.
  • Trade show trinkets will be personalized to the attendee. Many companies are using 3D printing to provide attendees with what they want. As the cameras within the printer become better and the colors more vibrant look for much more of this technology on the show floor.

    If you want a good example, read how Oreo used it at SXSW last year to personalize their cookies.

In conclusion, I believe 3D printing is well on its way to becoming the next breakout technology and we have only scratched the surface of all it can do for business. However, as it gains general acceptance, the government will be keeping its watchful eye on how the technology is used and I think some regulations are forthcoming.

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