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Is 360 Camera Part of Your Business Future?

Is 360 Camera Part of Your Business Future?

Ever try and explain a location, event or experience to someone with photos and videos, but it just doesn’t capture the essence of it all? Perhaps it is time to consider an exciting new option: renting a 360-degree camera.

If you are a fan of the Blue Angels, here is a video that gives you a firsthand depiction of what it is like to be in the cockpit of these performing agents:

In addition, coupled with virtual reality headsets, the user can feel like they are truly in the cockpit themselves!

What is a 360 Degree Camera?

Basically, it is a series of multiple virtual reality cameras that are mounted together to capture video simultaneously. The images are stitched together, and the viewer can use their virtual reality device to move around the scene and feel like they are physically experiencing the event.

Business Uses for 360 Camera

Here are a few examples of how the 360 camera could be used at a:

  • Construction site to display the progress of the building

  • Tradeshow to deliver a potential attendee or exhibitor the experience of actually being there

  • Retail shop to show off the collection and aesthetics of the space

  • Training session to allow virtual attendees to see the activity going on in the entire room

  • Sporting event to capture all the excitement of the event including the athletes and the spectators

  • News outlet to capture a breaking story from a unique prospective

  • Entertainment studio (with use of VR goggles) to provide directors real-time interactive feedback of cast performances and film dailies

Types of 360 Degree Cameras Available

Nokia Ozo

The camera captures 360° spherical video and 360×360 surround sound. Its wireless system also allows for real-time analysis of the video captured via a large screen monitor rental, allowing for immediate changes by the person filming the video.

Facebook Surround 360

This open-sourced camera and software allows developers to leverage the design and content creation developed for this system. The stitching code drastically reduces post-production time. What is usually done by hand can now be done by algorithm, taking the stitching time from weeks to overnight.

GoPro Odyssey

The Odyssey has 16 synchronized cameras in an all-in-one rig that’s capable of capturing immersive content in 8K30 video. The video from each camera is uploaded to an assembler that delivers an engaging experience from every direction.


This camera captures and streams 4K video instantly with ambisonic 3D sound. It is Plug and Play, thus allowing setup of the camera in minutes.

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