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3 Ways to Use Video Wall System in Business

3 Ways to Use Video Wall System in Business

Video content proves so powerful that its projected share of consumer internet traffic will reach 80 percent this year. While it’s easy to focus on the internet part of that proposition, the real operative word is video. People pay attention to videos. 

That’s a lesson you can import into your business with a video wall system. Of course, you can’t just throw any video content up on your video wall and expect results.

If you’re not sure what content will get the most traction, try out these three ideas on how to use a video wall system for your business.

Ideas to use Video Wall System in Business

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

In many ways, online reviews and testimonials have replaced traditional recommendations from friends and family. Upwards of 84 percent of people give them as much trust as personal recommendations from friends or family.

This makes reviews and testimonials, or salient snippets of them, the ideal material to display on your video wall system. The screen gives them a visual presence and potential customers will likely give those snippets some weight in their decision-making process.

The best news is that you can pull these snippets and quotes straight off your own website.

Resist the urge to throw up the complete text of reviews or testimonials. Pull out a sentence or two that someone can read with nothing more than a quick scan.

Product Demos

For retail stores, manufacturers and even app designers, video walls provide an outstanding opportunity to showcase your products with demos. This approach can prove especially useful when dealing with new or innovative products.

Think back on times when you saw a new and interesting but unfamiliar product or app. Ever pass on one of those products or apps because you weren’t sure about how it might operate? It’s a natural reaction because no one wants to waste money on something they can’t or won’t use.

Video demos right on the wall can help reduce that initial resistance. Seeing something work can help reassure potential customers that they can use it. Equally important, it shows people exactly how they’ll use it.

Service Images

For service providers, very few things speak more loudly than before and after pictures. Unlike photos at brochure or website sizes, a video wall can emphasize the true transformations that many services offer.

Consider, for example, how radical a change you see when a landscaper works on a long-untended property. While impressive at normal picture sizes, a wall screen comes far closer to capturing the real-life experience.

Displaying service-related images can work for almost any business where significant change occurs, such as plastic surgery, construction, or interior decorating.

Parting Thoughts on Using a Video Wall System for Your Business

A video wall system gives you a chance to reach out and influence potential customers before you even utter a sentence to them. Whether you play demos, post reviews, or display service images, you can influence the perception of your product or service.

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