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3 Things to Do When Spring Cleaning Your Office

3 Things to Do When Spring Cleaning Your Office

Believe it or not, the first day of spring is 3 weeks away which is the perfect time to conduct a spring cleaning of your office. With longer days and warmer temperatures, spring is the time when we pause to watch the birds return, and the trees and annuals start to bud. It is also a time to really inspect what is going on in your individual work spaces and departmental common areas.

Are you ready to clean house? Here are three things you and your co-workers can do to brighten up your office and work area.

Spring Cleaning Office Tips

Pledge to Become Productive

According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, being disorganized can cost you up to 4.3 hours per week in productivity – either looking for files in a large pile on your desk or tracking them down in other offices.

Now is the time to divide your files into piles:

  • The Throw Out/Recycle Pile – nothing in the file is confidential or would compromise employees’ or customers’ personal information.
  • The Shred It Pile – it doesn’t need to be saved but it contains confidential information, that if found, could compromise confidentiality
  • The Scan and Shred It Pile – it needs to be scanned to a cloud rental solution and then shred
  • The Scanned and Archived Pile – for personal or company reasons, the document needs to be archived (historical or key company documents) into locked cabinets.

Prior to doing this, you need to obtain large garbage containers, recycle bins and shredder and scanner rentals.

Change Your Patterns

Rather than continuing to clean and purge files every spring, now is the time to re-evaluate and change your filing and paper handling patterns. Here are three suggestions:

  • Give your filing cabinets away.
    When they aren’t there, you have no opportunity to file it and forget it.
  • Touch paper only once.
    Receive, scan and place it in the cloud.
  • For those paper intensive departments (accounting, receivables, shipping), hold a once a month shredding day.
    Obtain scanners and rent shredders on the same day of the week each month (i.e. the 4th Friday of the month). Make announcements throughout the week so individuals are prepared and can get into the mode of less clutter.

Clean Up Your Act

  • Sanitize your monitor, mouse, keyboard, phone and desk space.
    Since research states 83% of Americans eat at their desk, it should be no surprise that your technology and desk have more bacteria living on them than you might expect. One estimate is that the common desk has more than 100 types of bacteria! Use products such as iKlear or Cyber Clean to sanitize your devices, canned air to blast grime and crumbs from your keyboard and disinfecting wipes to clean your desk.
  • Clear out your emails and apps.
    Take time to erase all the emails that are no longer relevant, whether they are in your inbox or sent to others. Cleaning up these items will maximize email efficiency because when you complete a search, you will only bring up the relevant emails. Take useless apps off your phone or desktop.
  • Put hand sanitizer on your desk and use it often.
    One of the ways from spreading bacteria in your space is keeping your hands sanitized.

Hartford Technology Rental is Ready to Help You Spring Clean

We have an assortment of scanners, shredders and computer rental solutions to help with your spring cleaning! Please give us a call at 888-520-5667 or complete our request form. After all, spring will be here before you know it!