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3 Easy Steps for the Perfect Registration Area Set Up

3 Easy Steps for the Perfect Registration Area Set Up

Believe it or not, your event and trade show registration area marks the first impression for your attendees and can easily make or break how they perceive the entire experience. If they have to stand in long registration lines after an even longer flight and there are very few personnel available to address their questions or concerns, you are setting your organization up for failure from the get-go.

So instead of hastily putting together the registration area, integrate its planning into your total event process and budget. Follow these three steps to setup the perfect registration area and ensure total attendee satisfaction.

Step #1: Design Your Registration Area for Visibility and Speed

Make it very easy for registrants to find you. A large screen monitor rental or video wall can clearly identify your space from a long way away.  By displaying on a rotating cycle your event logo, company image, theme and the hashtag associated with the event, your area will be visible from several feet away. In addition, these rotating images can give attendees something to view while they are waiting in line.

Add color into your area – by either using the theme or company color scheme or perhaps a combination of both — to brighten up the area.
iPad rentals can help tremendously with registration speed. With the right registration app, all your preregistered attendees can be prepopulated ahead of time and connected to wireless printer rentals to print name badges and meeting schedules.

Worried about walk-ins? Don’t be! Rent iPads that your staff can use to interact with attendees while they are in line in order to capture all the pertinent data.

Step #2: Staff it with the Best and Make it Accessible

Once you attendee arrives at the registration area, you want them to be greet with professional, warm individuals who are dressed in business attire and ready to help them at every turn.

If you want your registrants to be there more for individual assistance, set up a series of self-check-in computer kiosks so your staff can spend more time addressing each attendee’s needs. A side benefit of self-serving kiosks is they can be accessed 24 hours a day and can also be repurposed as polling stations once everyone is registered. 

Step #3: Make it a Fun and Functional Space

Once everyone is registered, make the space a place where attendees will come back to often for additional conversation. Here are a few unique ideas:

  • Provide an icebreaker app on their mobile device and ask attendees to return at the end of the day to see who will win the grand prize. Answers to the icebreaker can be posted on the video wall.
  • Provide a discount code that they can use for next year’s conference but they need to sign up by the end of the conference to realize the savings.
  • Move your hydration and snack station to the registration area where knowledgeable staff will always be there to answer attendee questions.
  • If you give goody bags away, wait until the end of the session and distribute them in the registration area.
  • Repurpose your iPads to serve as Instagram stations and showcase the photos on the video wall.

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