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3 Reasons to Rent Technology for Your Conference

3 Reasons to Rent Technology for Your Conference

Meeting and trade show technology has improved and advanced tremendously over the last few years. It continues to move at the speed of light. In fact, every time you think you understand and are comfortable with the apps and hardware available, a new tablet model is introduced or a new social channel starts to catch fire.

If you have resisted getting on the rental bandwagon and opted to purchase event equipment, perhaps now is the time to re-evaluate and look at the strong arguments listed below for renting – especially when it comes to meetings, conventions and trade shows.

3 Strong Reasons to Rent Technology

  1. The equipment you have, may not be what the speaker or exhibitor wants.

    When you have a finite set of equipment that may be 3-5 years old, your aim will be to map the speakers’ technology requests to the equipment you already have in-house. After all, how much could technology advance in three years? The answer you already know. A whole lot.

    If they are requesting a projector with high lumens, a 4K display and state-of-the-art microphones, you may have to engage an event rental company to fulfill these requests because your company or the venue simply doesn’t have it.

  2. The cost to ship, store and insure the equipment can be high.

    Let’s say you do have state-of-the-art technology, however, it may cost you more to ship, set it up and pay for shipping insurance than actually renting the equipment at the location. In addition, once the equipment is there (i.e. large monitors), you need to incur the labor costs of set up and striking of that equipment if your onsite team is not sure how the equipment works.

  3. Technical support might be ominous.

    If you need to rely on your own IT staff to fix a problem, things can get complicated. For example, if your trade show is in NYC and the home office is in Los Angeles, reaching someone early in the morning might be difficult. And if your IT staff is very small, it might be hours before they return your call because other tasks might take priority.

    With a rental agreement, you can have onsite support with qualified, certified technicians who are generally very experienced with conferences like yours. In addition, if the technician is not onsite at the time of a problem, you can access telephone support 24/7 to troubleshoot any problems you might have.

Hartford Technology Rental Has What You Need for Your Conference

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