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3 Mobile Mind Mapping Apps Add Creativity to Brainstorming Session

3 Mobile Mind Mapping Apps Add Creativity to Brainstorming Session

This is generally the time of year when things slow down, and you and your team start planning for 2015.

The old method of doing things is to set aside a few hours or a day to brainstorm about challenges or goals you have for the next year. You stow away in a conference center and have sticky notes and flip charts. The problem is the loudest people in the room usually are the major contributors, and this method allows both good and crappy ideas to carry the same weight.

The new method of creativity is mind mapping and team collaboration. Through the use of technology, everyone’s ideas can be collected. In addition, mind mapping allows users to see the connectivity between ideas. Let’s take a look first at what mind mapping is and 3 great mobile apps to consider when you come together for your brainstorming sessions.

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is a graphical technique for visualizing connections between several ideas, in which each idea is written down and then linked by lines or curves, to its major or minor idea.

Mind mapping is used in note taking, brainstorming, problem solving and project planning. Like other mapping techniques its purpose is to focus attention, and to capture and frame knowledge to facilitate sharing of concepts.

In addition, if you use mobile technology, everyone can contribute and see each other’s annotations on their mobile devices. A large screen monitor rental can be placed strategically in the room so everyone can view the map.

3 Mobile Mind Mapping Apps

Sync Scape
SyncSpace lets people express and explore visual ideas together. It is a zoomable drawing space that can be shared in a real-time environment.

This free application allows attendees to:

  • Take notes and sketch drawings
  • Import photos, maps and web links
  • Share all of the above with real time updates and zooming and
  • Export information to email or other apps as a high resolution PDF file.

This application works best on iPhone, Android or iPad rentals.

iMindMap is a Mind Mapping app that is endorsed by the inventor of Mind Maps, Tony Buzan, allowing for organic mind mapping and the ability to draw by hand.

This free application encompasses the following features:

  • Access to iMindMap Cloud for backup and storage purposes
  • Ability to add audio notes, web links and text to the application
  • Templates and a sketch tool to get you started and
  • Undo/redo feature to quickly amend or alter your Mind Maps

Coggle works with Google Drive and allows each user to produce notes and share them with colleagues that are in the room or at remote locations.

This free app provides for:

  • Seamless integration with Google Drive, a free cloud based storage system
  • Real-time collaboration on mind-map diagrams
  • Drag-and-drop images to your diagrams
  • Easy edits to the mind map after it is published
  • Tracking of who made what changes

This app works well when you rent a laptop or tablet as they are continuously connected to the Internet and with the team members that are in the room or are connected virtually.

How Hartford Technology Rental Can Help

When planning your next brainstorming or mind mapping session, contact us online or give us a call at 888-520-5667 to determine which mobile platform is best for you. We can preload the app onto the rentals before your session and at Harford Technology Rental, we guarantee on-time delivery to you each and every time!