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3 Changes that Will Transform the Way Events are Executed

3 Changes that Will Transform the Way Events are Executed

When it comes to measuring effectiveness and engagement, attendees are looking for three things to get and keep them at a conference: enticement, execution and education. Today, let’s review each of the three factors and your challenges as event organizers in addressing each one.


By 2020, 50% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers, according to Forbes. This on-demand work, instant gig economy will move more and more individuals into independent contractor status. They will be using mobile technology to create an environment that allows a person to always be available for work.

Event Planning Challenge: This is going to present a real challenge for event planners who are used to “the company” paying for the conference or allotting time off to attend training. This shift continues to focus on the individual deciding, and many times, paying for it out of their own pocket. Therefore, agendas will need to be richer, speakers more engaging and the overall cost of the conference very reasonable.


Rather than trying to control the schedule down to the allotted networking time, why not give up control and let the attendees drive the flow? In today’s real-time environment, agenda’s can be formed on the fly and subject matter experts can be identified among the attendees.

Event Planning Challenge: Meeting planners like to control the what, who and where things happen. This process is more organic; allowing presenters to speak longer or shorter than the time allotted – and possibly cancelling them all together if they don’t have enough people in the breakout. The benefit of this methodology is the attendee or employee now feels like the conference is their conference because they are developing and approving the agenda.

You can provide video wall rentals as gathering places for attendees to gain insight to what is going on at the event, changes that have been made and even a Twitter wall as a real-time feedback forum.


CEUs, clock hours and post-secondary are the way employees and association members keep their credentials in check. But the truth of the matter is, attendees can sit in a conference room, tune out and even come in late and leave early, making the accredited organization and trainer feeling like they wasted everyone’s time.

Event Planning Challenge: While technology can take care of scanning people in and out of sessions, it is vital that attendees be engaged in their own educational path. Training sessions that encourage debating and challenging the material and learning from each other are the ones that improve the attendees’ knowledge base.

A good way to determine if transfer of knowledge occurred is to have attendees complete a pre- and post-test via signing into individual tablet rentals.

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