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3 Simple Steps to Make Your Presenters’ Stand Out

3 Simple Steps to Make Your Presenters’ Stand Out

You probably have heard this before, but that saying “people fear public speaking more than death” is still true. However there is hope…even for the most reserved, stage-frightened individual.

Chris Anderson, the founder of TED, recently shared his thoughts about ways to take your presenters from static to stellar. Here is a summary of his views from the November edition of The Rotarian, along with my own thoughts about best presenter practices.

Why You Should Care About TED

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and is a sold-out yearly conference typically held in Long Beach, California. What makes TED unique are four things:

  1. They theme their conference every year and take a worldwide 9 month search for the “best of the best” presenters
  2. They coach their presenters for six months before the conference
  3. TED takes a variety of speakers from the very well-known to the very obscure
  4. Each speaker has only 18 minutes to deliver their message.

The results? TED is always sold out (between 1,200-1,400 attendees) and many attendees sign up a year in advance. This is virtually unheard of with conferences nowadays.

3 Simple Steps for Presenters’ Success

Simple Way #1: Frame Your Story
Anderson suggests presenters need to have passion for their topic and determine what their audience Call To Action (CTA) is going to be, well before developing any PowerPoint slides.

Here are Anderson’s speaker tips in a nutshell:

  • Tell a story – have a beginning, middle and end.
  • Know your audience’s knowledge level about your subject matter and interest in it. For example, if they know very little about your topic, you need to educate them on it. If they know a lot, then you need to persuade them to take action.
  • Explain why you care so much about this topic.
  • Deep dive into one element of your story – don’t try and cover it all.

Simple Way #2: Develop Stage Presence
Does your presenter stand still, use hand gestures and make sufficient eye contact with attendees? Check their YouTube videos and if possible, go see them speak in person.

Seeing the presenter on stage and watching the audience’s body language will help you determine if that presenter is right for your group of attendees or not. What is the audience doing? Do they look bored? Are they checking their phones and watches?

If the presenter’s message is good, but they need work on stage presence, spend time with them to overcome their level of nervousness.

Simple Way #3: Use Technology to Tell Your Story
Anderson believes in technology to enhance the presenter’s story. How? Here are three suggestions:

  • Keep the slides simple. Use photos, videos and infographics to enhance the message.
  • Use technology such as 4K Monitor Rentals and Video Wall Rentals to showcase the presenter’s talk whether it is inside or outside the room.
  • Bring the audience in with second screen iPad rentals where they can take notes and tweet content.

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