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Top 2018 Breakthrough Technologies According to MIT

Top 2018 Breakthrough Technologies According to MIT

Every year, the MIT Technology Review identifies tools they believe do or will have the greatest impact on our lives. Some of the innovations are available now or just around the corner, with a little more refinement. A few may never come be adopted due to ethical and privacy concerns.

Here are six breakthrough technologies I found to be the most pragmatic today and for the foreseeable future.

Top Breakthrough Technologies for 2018

3D Metal Printing

Metals have eluded the 3D marketplace in the past, due to cost and time constraints associated with printing each part. In the past several months, improvements have been made in both arenas that could change the way every manufacturing company produces products.

The major benefits of a 3D metal printer include:

  • Production of lighter, stronger parts
  • The ability to make complex shapes that are not available with conventional methods
  • Precise control because the printer is operated through software
  • No need to keep an inventory of replacement parts; just print the ones you need

AI for All

Microsoft has Azure, Amazon has AWS and Google provides TensorFlow. All three are expensive, enterprise-based system that primarily serves the tech world.

However, recently Google announced Cloud AutoML and Microsoft and Amazon teamed up to offer Gluon, bringing machine learning to the small to mid-sized business market. In addition, both Amazon and Google are offering consultancy services to help companies set up their AI parameters effectively.

With an ease-of-use component to this technology, the hope is other vertical markets will be able to drive better decisions with intelligent data that is available at their fingertips.

On-the-Spot Translation

Google Pixel Buds allow for individuals who have the Buds, a Pixel smartphone and the Google Translate app to produce real-time translation. The earbud wearer speaks their language and the app translates their words and plays them aloud on the phone. The other person speaks into the phone in their native language and the earbud wearer hears the translation.

Although the earbuds need to be improved, this is a great offering for a global business traveler or international company hosting a meeting. No more need to have a translator present, thus saving valuable resources and lag time in conversations.

Perfect Online Privacy

A cryptographic tool, known as zero-knowledge proof, will give users the power to conduct private, financial interactions anonymously. The three players, Zcash, JPMorganChase and ING are using a blockchain-based payment system called zk-SNARK.

However, this system is computational-heavy and slow today. In addition, if the user loses their cryptographic key, or it is stolen, they are more likely to fall victim to identity theft. In this case, the thief will never be found.

Quantum Leap

IBM, Google and Harvard University are working hard to design precise molecules using qubits, a two-state quantum-mechanical system, that allows for vertical and horizontal polarization at the same time.

Even though this offering is five to ten years away, the hope is that chemists will produce more effective drugs, better materials for generating energy and new electrolytes for better batteries. And that’s just for starters.

Smart Cities

Quayside is a reclaimed neighborhood that is being built from the ground up. Literally. Google purchased a twelve-acre parcel on the Toronto waterfront and will install sensors and high-speed Internet, so everyone will be connected at all times. The sensors will measure air quality, noise levels and people’s activities. Robots will do menial tasks like delivering the mail. Driveless cars will also be prevalent throughout Quayside as a testing model of what traffic will look like in the future.

What Do You Think?

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