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2017 Event Technology Trends to Keep an Eye On

2017 Event Technology Trends to Keep an Eye On

Every year, Corbin Ball & Co. releases his top predictions for the following year and this year is no exception. Even though these predictions are not exceptionally groundbreaking, they do show apps are becoming more mature through growth and consolidation.

Here is how Corbin sees the future and the ways Hartford Technology Rental can help deliver on these event technology trends.

3 Tech Trends in 2017 for Events

Live streaming Becomes Mainstream

It seems as if anyone and everyone can shoot video from several seconds to several minutes long. All an attendee needs is a smartphone, a steady hand and the ability to review and respond to comments as they come along in the feed.

Here are a few of sustainable winners in the video world, per Corbin:

Unlimited Length

  • Facebook Live: All the user’s friends can view the video live and make comments or ask questions as it is happening

  • Periscope: Live viewers can check-in and make real-time comments. Since this app is owned by Twitter, the video can be uploaded to the user’s Twitter stream for more views.

  • Meerkat: Allows for immediate live streaming or the ability to schedule one in the future. This allows time to promote the video feed to interested users.

Very Short

  • Instagram Story: 15 seconds with a headline to tell your story

  • Snapchat Story: 15 seconds with captions and animation. The user can find users close by and share with them, too.

Contiguous Software Solutions

Rather than using one app for registration, another for room block management, and yet another for attendee check-in, Corbin has found organizations are in acquisition mode to provide one solution for all a planner’s needs. In 2017, he thinks apps like Eventbrite, Etouches, and EventGeek will grow their application suite to fend off being bought out.

More Event Engagement

Ball believes attendees want an emotional, personal connection for each event they attend. Here are few ways he thinks planners should deliver it:

  • Survey attendees often

  • Provide ample microphone rentals throughout the room to encourage questions

  • Ask for social media posts and show them live on a video wall rental

  • Allow for gamification time through apps such as Pokémon Go
  • Networking tools that encourage interaction among all attendees

  • Hire presenters that are interactive and engaging

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality for product launches and trade shows

Pay Attention to These Planning Parameters

Whatever the venue, fast and secure Wi-Fi will be required in all locations. With the ramp up of video, the speed of the bandwidth will be vital to the event’s success. If there are weak locations, consider hotspot rentals as an option.

Only utilize event planning software solutions that are fully integrated from the start of the event to the very end.

Remember, this is the year for mobile integration. Attendees want to be part of the event and are looking for creative, interactive ways to connect with others.

Hartford Technology Rental is Ready for 2017

We can provide you with all your mobile device needs! Give one of our technology specialists a call at 888.520.5667 to learn more about how we can best support your event technology needs!