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2015 Technology Trends – What Event Planners Need to Know!

2015 Technology Trends – What Event Planners Need to Know!

I know it is hard to believe, but 2015 will be upon us in 3.5 months. And with a new year, comes a new plan. I checked out Corbin Ball’s crystal ball for his 10 big predictions.  Today, I will weigh-in on four of them and how technology can significantly improve your meetings and events.

Four Technology Trends to be on the Lookout for Next Year

Mobile Event Apps is Where it’s At

Due to the ever-loving adaptability of mobile devices into our daily world, it should not be any wonder that mobile apps are going to replace and enhance many of the things planners do with paper and other traditional desktop applications.

Here is what Corbin predicts will happen next year in this arena.  Mobile Event Apps will continue to replace:

  • Conference Binders and Paper programs
  • Printed agendas
  • Spreadsheet generated attendee lists
  • Exhibitor guidelines
  • Paper note taking
  • Audience Response Systems and Paper Surveys
  • Directional signage and
  • Printed trade show maps

In addition, mobile meeting apps can provide the following benefits:

  • Social networking of attendees through NFC apps and hashtags
  • Real-time event announcements conveyed through social and texting
  • Improved appointment making for trade show exhibitors and
  • Integrated gamification apps

If you are wondering where you can obtain mobile technology for all your attendees, Hartford Technology Rental provides iPhone rent-rRental”>tablet rentals.

Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacon should be on a Planner’s Horizon

Bluetooth Low Energy is a wireless personal area network designed to provide considerably reduced power consumption and cost, while maintaining a similar communication range of a standard Bluetooth offering. It can transmit data within a 150-feet range.

iBeacon is an indoor proximity system that is a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS and some Android devices of their presence. One application helps smartphone users determine their precise position in an event or on the trade show floor. iBeacon uses the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.
Additional applications that Corbin identified are:

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Navigational assistance to help an attendee get to a particular break out room or trade show booth
  • How long an attendee stays at a booth
  • Attendee information exchange – including their social media networks
  • CEU Credit Tracking

Hacking Can Be a Problem

When attendees travel to a hotel, conference or convention center, they have to connect to unknown Wi-Fi systems, which can lead to vulnerabilities to their sensitive data. It is recommended by Corbin and others to do the following when logging into a public network:

  • Make sure your security software is up-to-date. (By the way, Hartford Technology Rental provides such security on every computer rental.)
  • Don’t open sensitive emails or do any online banking while on public networks.
  • Use strong and long passwords.
  • Educate your attendees about phishing scams and remind them to check their privacy settings on their social channels.

Are you still concerned about secure Wi-Fi access? Consider Wi-Fi hotspot rental options for individual or small group access.

Attendees’ Attention Span will continue to Decrease

When looking at PowerPoint presentations, keep them short and sweet, lasting 18 minutes or less. Look for the right projector rental for the room set-up and make certain the lumens are bright enough.

Hire speakers that create an interactive and fun learning experience for the attendee. If they are not engaged, they will not learn.

Short videos, interspersed with photos, can help cement your message with attendees.

How Hartford Technology Rental can Help

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