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2015 Technology Trends Attracting Lots of Attention

2015 Technology Trends Attracting Lots of Attention

As I look back on the Audio Visual (AV) equipment available 20 years ago as compared to today, I am simply amazed. In years past, you ordered equipment through an AV provider. That equipment usually consisted of three things: a laptop, LCD projector and screen. Life was simple…yet all so limiting.

Today, we don’t talk about AV, we talk about technology. And yes, you can still rent a laptop or a projector rental and still be relevant; they are not the only equipment available to meeting planners.

Global Experience Specialist (GES) recently posted a blog about trends you should take a look at this year. I am going to focus on four of those trends; what they are and how you can use them at your next meeting, event or trade show.

Technology Trends in Event Rentals

Glasses Free 3D Monitors

What are they? These high resolution panels offer a 3D glasses-free experience on a 4K monitor. What that really means is an attendee can stand in front of 3D LED rental unit and see activity on a TV that offers four times the resolution of a standard HDTV – all without use of those dorky glasses!

How will they enhance the meeting experience? From a large monitor positioned at the check-in area displaying clear, crisp content about the conference to an exhibitor showing off their latest product, 3D monitors are the way to go to maximize your visual presentations.

Wireless Media Streaming

What is it? AirPlay is a proprietary protocol suite developed by Apple that allows wireless streaming of audio, video, and photos between Apple devices.

Chromecast has similar characteristics to AirPlay. It is a physical thumb drive that plugs into the HDMI port of a TV. Using tablet rentals, Apple devices or laptop rentals, a presenter, exhibitor or sponsor can cast their presentations and apps onto the monitor.

How will this enhance the meeting experience? Pushing real-time content across platforms, without the barriers of wires and meeting room limitations, is going to open up a lot of options for all individuals at your conference. The meeting experience will no longer be limited to the 4 walls of the meeting room – AirPlay and Chromecast can sync and stream activity anywhere within the Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Laser-Based Projectors

What is it? A laser projector has light energy coming from lasers. Since no LEDs are used, they can go way beyond the current 12K-lumen limit to 60K+ lumens.

How will they enhance the meeting experience? These lampless projectors mean you will no longer need to worry about bulbs burning out and tying up valuable meeting minutes changing a bulb or swapping out devices. In addition, these state-of-the-art projectors can support 4K monitors, thus giving you extremely high definition presentations that can set up anywhere in the conference facility including outdoor space.

The Convergence of AV and IT Departments

Why is this important? For many years, the Audio Visual and Information Technology departments did not speak to each other or count on each other for help. With the explosion of mobile devices and the importance of Wi-Fi at your meetings, these departments can no longer work in silos.

How will this change enhance the meeting experience? If you hire a technology company to run with your AV and IT needs, you will find a smooth transition between these two entities. Technology organizations care about it all – AV equipment, computer rentals and bandwidth planning.

Hartford Technology Rental is Your Technology Partner

At Hartford Technology Rental, we have 3D LED rentals, wireless Internet rental solutions and projector rentals. We are a technology rental company that has always integrated our AV and IT offerings. Please give us a call 888-520-5667 to learn more about our event rentals and solutions.