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2015 Meeting Trend: Co-Planning

2015 Meeting Trend: Co-Planning

Imagine this scenario: You want to book a big-name speaker as your keynote, but your organization just doesn’t have the funds. However, if you can book that speaker for two gigs, back-to-back, with one flight and one hotel stay – your organization can now afford this person.

This can be the case in everything you think of related to a meeting from Food & Beverage (F&B) to computer rentals. In addition, vendors are likely to give bigger discounts when there are two events they are bidding for rather than just one.

More Sponsors

If a sponsor has the opportunity to reach more attendees in less time and potentially at a lower cost per attendee, this alone can garner you more sponsorships.  Here are some other techniques to attract sponsors.

Special Event Treatment

Perhaps you want to rent out a restaurant or museum or you want VIP treatment to a concert or cultural event but don’t have enough guests to do so with your event alone. Pairing with another meeting can open up many more possibilities because chances are you have more than doubled your numbers.

Additional Learning Opportunities

The other event may be holding sessions of general interest to your attendees and they can come in early or stay a day or two later in order to take advantage of these offerings. And vice-versa, their attendees can come to your sessions as well.

You can each offer discounts or even offer the additional training for free by sharing information that can be blasted to their email list and social channels. Work closely with the other event organizer on viable content that will be attractive to both groups, but does not cut into your own conference time.

Plan Receptions and Meals Together

Putting together a unified reception that has an icebreaker component to it, will help foster co-mingling among attendees from both conferences.

You can also rent iPads for every table at a luncheon where the iPads can have a dual purpose; first to serve as a digital sign designating a specific industry, job function or challenge so a mix of attendees go to each table and second to allow the facilitator of the table to serve up specific questions, document ideas and distribute their notes on a real-time basis to each organization.

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