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17 Simple Tips to Go Green No Matter Where You Are

17 Simple Tips to Go Green No Matter Where You Are

Tomorrow is Earth Day – the one day of the year when we check ourselves and ask – “What am I doing to reduce, reuse and recycle? Can I prevent this item from ending up in a landfill? What are the little things I can start paying attention to?”

Here are 17 things you can do at the office and at your next meeting to help the environment and go green.

Lighting at the Office

  • 1. Replace all lightbulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
    According to Energy Star, replacing every incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent one reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 9 billion pounds!

    Remember to recycle the compact fluorescent lights as they do contain mercury. You can set up your own recycling station or bring them to Lowe’s or Home Depot and deposit them there.

  • 2. Use natural lighting.
    Open up the blinds or curtains and turn off your overhead lighting. You probably don’t need it, especially on sunny days.


  • 3. At the end of the work day or the end of the day for a multi-day event, be sure to turn everything off and unplug electrical items.
    Remember, even when items are turned off, there is still an electrical current running through the circuit.

Heating & Air Conditioning

  • 4. Turn the thermostat up or down by one degree.

Commuting and Conference Options

  • 5. Walk, ride your bicycle, carpool or use public transportation to get to work.
  • 6. Consider telecommuting two or three days a week.
  • 7. When planning to attend a conference, look at all transportation options.

    Driving your car or flying really impacts the environment with carbon emissions. Consider carpooling, riding the train, subway or bus instead.

  • 8. Choose meeting venues where attendees can walk to their hotels.

    The Green Meeting Industry Council estimates up to $40,000 in transportation costs can be eliminated by choosing hotels within walking distance of the meeting venue.


At an event:

  • 9. Instead of posters, use touch screen rentals to direct people around the conference.
  • 10. Eliminate goody bags; give the money you would spend on them to a local charity.
  • 11. Eliminate conference binders and give attendees iPad rentals.
  • 12. At the end of the conference, give attendees USBs with all presentations on the device instead of handouts.


  • 13. Set up recycling bins at the office and at your conference.
    When planning your meeting, ask hotel staff to strategically place bins around the food and beverage areas and in meeting rooms so attendees will be aware of your recycling efforts. Make several announcements throughout the day to encourage recycling.
  • 14. If you need to use paper, use recycled paper products.
    From your coffee filters to the paper used in copier rentals, try to purchase recycled supplies.


  • 15. At the office, use your own water bottles or glasses.
    Make your own coffee and use coffee mugs. Pack your lunch in a reusable lunch tote.
  • 16. At an event, provide water pitchers with glasses instead of plastic water bottles.
     According to the Green Meeting Industry Council when water is served from pitchers instead of bottles, event organizers can shave approximately $12,000 off the F&B bill.

Add Plants

  • 17. Plants not only beautify your office and event but the right types of plants can remove toxins from the air.
    NASA compiled of a list of the best plants for removing toxins; they are:

    • Aloe Vera
    • Spider plants
    • Peace lilies
    • English ivy and
    • Bamboo palm

I recommend that you choose a variety of these plants for centerpieces at your next event, instead of flowers. Raffle off each centerpiece and send them home with your attendees.

Rent Technology From A Vendor Who Practices Earth Day, Every Day

At Hartford Technology Rental we practice all the things listed above and then some. We even have a whole page on our website dedicated to our green program. We do our part to make a difference to future generations. Please contact us today at 888-520-5667 to learn more about our technology rental programs and sustainability practices.