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12 Keys for a Successful Trade Show Booth

12 Keys for a Successful Trade Show Booth

When considering what to do with your trade show booth, remember you are competing with many other vendors that are trying to attract the same attendee to their booth first. In order to really stand out from the crowd, you will need to consider more innovation (generally delivered through technology) that can be implemented in a variety of different ways.

Here are the top 12 ways exhibitors have found that really pay off at their trade show booth according to AppleRock and Fit Small Business.

12 Terrific Trade Show Tricks

  1. Provide self-serving iPad tabletop or stand rentals.
    These are great when booth personal are busy or when you want to allow a prospect to go at their own pace when learning about your products or services. These kiosks can be placed in strategic locations in and around your booth and because they are locked, you won’t have to worry about attendees walking away with the iPads enclosed in them.
  2. Order Virtual Reality rentals.
    Attendees can sit or stand in your booth and experience immersive technology first-hand that highlights your products and services or just allows them to play a game.
  3. Put up large touchscreen monitors.
    Attendees can view company videos, photos, presentations and documents they want to see by simply touching the screen to access the information.
  4. Leverage your CRM system for lead generation.
    There are many apps available to capture the attendee data quickly and store conversational information in a cloud based CRM system so when you return home, you know exactly what to do.
  5. Create a photo booth.
    According to Brian Rose, Founder of JVZoo, have a booth employee take photos (using a tablet rental) of attendees in front of your logo. Be sure to post it on your Facebook company page and tag the attendees that have Facebook profiles so it will be placed on theirs for maximum virality. According to Leeyen Rogers of Jotform people love this concept and will step right up and get their photo taken.
  6. Use lighting.
    It can soften or brighten your booth. With so many lighting options available, contact your AV provider to determine the best lighting to get your message across and attract attendees to your booth.
  7. Implement logoed flooring.
    Attendees will see your logo in every portable tile square.
  8. Remove the table.
    Don’t create a barrier between you and floor walkers. Instead, have employees walk around with iPads or tablets to show attendees your products.
  9. Provide food and beverages.
    Nothing will get a hungry attendee to your booth faster than the smell of chocolate chip cookies or coffee.
  10. Create a recharging area.
    In addition, to comfy couches and chairs and offering cookies and coffee, allow attendees to recharge their mobile devices by renting a cell phone charging kiosk.
  11. Have plenty of business cards.
    While I am not a big proponent of marketing collateral, business cards are a must have. You look unprofessional if you do not have them or if they are all bent up. Keep them in a box until needed.
  12. Turn vendors into clients.
    Introduce yourself to every vendor, give them a business card and encourage them to stop by and see you. Give them a unique trade show goody bag if they do so.

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