GoPro Odyssey Rental

GoPro Odyssey VR Camera Rental

Coming soon to industry professionals, GoPro offers Odyssey, the first camera rig built specifically for Google's Jump platform which is an entire virtual reality ecosystem that makes creating and consuming VR content easier. And, Hartford Technology Rental will offer the GoPro Odyssey rentals to our lineup once it’s available.

The Odyssey camera offers 16 synchronized HERO4 Black cameras into an all-in-one rig that can capture immersive content in 8K39 video. The video from each camera is then uploaded to the Jump assembler to deliver an engaging, realistic experience from any direction. The perfect stereo system ensures that near things look near and far things look far.

Renting an Odyssey camera gives content creators and producers that ability to create beautiful, seamless panorama so viewers won’t see borders where cameras are spliced together.  The assembled 3D videos are super high-resolution equal to five 4K TVs playing at once.  The design of the GoPro Odyssey can withstand the rigors of professional use and is ideal for longer recording times.

When you want to produce virtual reality content, there is no camera better than renting the GoPro Odyssey from Hartford Technology Rental. Plus, we also rent VR headsets! Give us a call at 888-520-5667 to learn more about our nationwide technology rental service.

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