Google Cardboard Rental

Google Cardboard Rental

Looking to experiment with virtual reality but don’t want to buy the headsets? Then, a Google Cardboard rental might be the perfect solution and Hartford Technology Rental has the gear! Take an iPhone or any smartphone that runs on Android software, download the Cardboard app and we can help transform the Cardboard viewer into a virtual reality headset rental. It really is that simple! Plus, there are no cables tying you or your participants down.

This easy transformation of the smartphone with app offers viewers a fun and relatively inexpensive way to experience virtual reality. Virtual reality can play an important role in entertainment, communication, work and learning – you don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to rent the Google Cardboard viewer.

Google Cardboard rentals offer immersive experiences to business professionals and corporate events looking to make an impact on attendees. And as virtual reality continues to grow, Google Play and Apple’s App Store will continue to expand the number of VR apps and demos available.

There are many manufacturers of Google Cardboard headsets. From the no frills cardboard throw-away to much more comfortable headsets with better glass. We offer an array of models. One of our more popular Google Cardboard headsets is manufactured by Homido.

Demo: Homido Headset

Are you ready to try the Cardboard rental at your next event? Hartford Technology Rental can rent iPhones and the Google VR viewer. Our technicians will download the Cardboard app or whatever specific app you need for your event, test it out and deliver the virtual reality headset to your location, when you need it. Not sure what you need? Call us at 888-520-5667 to speak to our Sales team and they can help determine what technology rental you need to create an immersive experience at your next event.

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